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About us FEB SOM Research Reports (2012-2022)


2022001-GEM: Oosterhaven, J., A price reinterpretation of the Leontief quantity model

2022002-EEF: This report is not publicly available anymore

2022003-OB: Meer, P.H. van der, Are All Self-employed happy?

2022004-EEF: This report is not publicly available anymore

2022005-OPERA: Kasper, A., M. Land, and R. Teunter, Towards System State Dispatching in High-Variety Manufacturing

2022006-I&O: Fritsch, M., and M. Wyrwich, Entrepreneurship in the Long-run: Empirical Evidence and Historical Mechanisms

2022007-EEF: Treurniet, M., and R. Lensink, Belief-based poverty traps and the effects of material and psychological development interventions

2022008-EEF: Kwaak, C. van der, Monetary Financing Does Not Produce Miraculous Fiscal Multipliers

2022009-EEF: Beesten, E.R. van, and D. Hulshof, Transmission Capacity Reduction in International Power Systems: Economic Incentives and Welfare Effects

2022010-OPERA: Romeijnders, W., N.D. van Foreest and J. Wijngaard, On Proportionally Fair Solutions for the Divorced-Parents Problem

2022011-I&O: Hipp, A., M. Fritsch, M. Greve, J. Günther, M. Lange, C. Liutik, B. Pfeifer, M. Shkolnykova, and M. Wyrwich, Comprehensive Patent Data of the German Democratic Republic 1949-1990—Technical Report and Dataset Overview

2022012-EEF: 2022012-EEF: Bianchi-Vimercati, R., G. Lecce, and M. Magnaricotte, Persistent Specialization and Growth: The Italian Land Reform

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