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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Winter Schools

Winter Schools 2019 - 2020

Polar Bear Family
Pic by Ronald J.W. Visser
A Sustainable Future for the Arctic

Participants will be introduced in the conditions experienced—and adaptations exhibited—by plants, animals and people in the Arctic regions. With a variety of experts, a multitude of interlinking perspectives will be presented and discussed.

Cognitive Modeling

This winter school aims to train students, researchers and professionals on the best practices in the area of cognitive modeling.

Map of Europe
Curating Europe

The aim of this summer school is to provide participants with a better understanding of what is going on in the arts and cultural management field across Europe.

Participants of winter school 2019
Performing Religion: theory and practice

This Winter School wants to deal with religious practices in their diversity. Thus, we are concerned with rituals in the strict sense, but also with performances of other kinds, related to secular ideologies, “civil religion”, politics, heritage or media.

hands with texts such as demagogue, populist, tyrant
Imagining Southern Europe

We will focus on the hypothesis that the 2008 financial crisis and its particular manifestation in Southern European countries has revealed historical processes of interrelation and interdependence in the region that have developed since Early Modernity. We will analyse these processes based on cultural representations of symbolic capital
exchanges and power relationships.

Intercultural Competence

This winter school is designed for those who are curious and wish to develop specific abilities to foster intercultural sensitivity and bridge differing cultural systems. With an emphasis on using developmental approaches to decrease learner resistance, the offered programme will cover everything from distinct thinking and communication styles to intercultural training methods and resources.

Floating market vietnam
Legal Measures for Energy Transition

During the second edition of the winter school Legal measures for energy transition we will discuss the way the legal system can contribute to the durability of the use of energy.

Picture by Thessa Lageman
Stories to Live By: Narrative and Identity

This winter school offers cutting-edge narratological research. During the week we will discuss how narrative serves as a means to map how we relate to ourselves and to the world around us.

Houses next to a lake
Pathways to Sustainable Futures

PASF reflects on urban (compact cities), environmental (water management, climate change) and transportation (bicycle!) planning policies that have shaped the Netherlands into a high-quality and relatively safe place to live.

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