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Social Sciences and Law

Analyzing Classroom Interactions

In this summer school, we will bring together the methodological expertise from the University of Groningen, as well as national and international colleagues, providing you with the opportunity to learn about different approaches and methods used within the paradigm of educational interactions.

Sustainable Development Goal number four

Creating a Climate for Change

This summer school on sustainability education aims to share exciting and develop new ideas through series of participatory and interactive workshops.

Groningen landscape
Discovering Holland

In this summer school, students will get to know the Netherlands better and gain insights in the working of this, as it is often perceived, well organized country. Through lectures and subsequent discussions students will be introduced to the main developments in Dutch Politics, Economics, History, and Culture.

healthy food
Health and Human Rights

This summer school promotes understanding about how law and policy can best be framed to address the global increase in chronic diseases.


Data-Driven Prevention Policy in Public Health

Join this unique interdisciplinary two-week summer school in public health in which we cross the national borders. We will discuss the public health challenges of the future and learn the value of observational data for public health policy during hands on research sessions.

Dover Banksy by ijclark (2017) Photo attribution by

Humor & Satire in Contemporary Europe

This interdisciplinary summer school will focus on the various forms taken by humour in contemporary European societies; we will discuss a broad range of sources, from literature and stand-up comedy to memes and cartoons.

Pile of money
Illicit Trade

This unique summer school pierces the vale of secrecy around these issues and teaches students about illicit financing and trading; not only through theory and book study, but by learning the actual practices and techniques criminals, terrorists, and dictators use to obscure their profits and evade accountability for their actions, and the corresponding techniques to counter them.

world map

Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence is considered one of the top 10 work skills needed for the workforce of 2020. During this structured training participants will gain a deeper insight into their own culture and get the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively across cultures.

Painting by Marie Spartali: "Antigona”

Law, Literature and Human Rights

What image of human rights can Law and Literature offer? This summer school seeks to explore human rights as a cultural phenomenon in which jurisprudence and literature intertwine.


Regional Conflict, Security and Human Rights in Eastern Europe: International Law Perspectives

The summer school will consider the particular situation that Eastern European countries have found themselves in after the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


Sustainable Business and Economy for Smart Cities

This summer school will focus on building capabilities and business strategies for Smart Cities, focussing on Angola, where food, housing, transport, health & safety require a sound thought process on answering key questions.

Teaching Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is gaining more and more interest as an educational goal. In this summer school we will discuss the relationship between research, theories, policies and practices about teaching critical thinking.

Street in New York

Urban Strategies for Health Promotion

This summer school allows students to get a complete picture of (health) inequalities in Western European cities and address all aspects of the problem in an integrated way.

children on street
What About the Family?

In this summer school on ethical issues in health care, we will focus especially on questions related to person-centered and shared decision making, screening (from preconception till adult screening) healthy ageing and ‘end of life care’.

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