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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Summer schools by discipline

Sciences and Engineering

Cognitive modelling

This spring school will cover four different modeling paradigms: ACT-R, Nengo, PRIMs, and Accumulator models. It thereby offers a unique opportunity to learn the relative strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.

Islands as Laboratories for Sustainability
Islands are special cases for Sustainable Development. Methodologically and scientifically, islands are ideal ‘laboratories’ for sustainable landscape stewardship. Islands are unique in both attractiveness and climate vulnerability, they are relatively isolated and ‘on their own’ compared to mainland areas, yet they are also more dependent and need to be well-connected to other areas more than mainland areas. The summer school is aimed at combining all these different perspectives.

Mining industry, CSR and Local Development

We will focus on the local perspective, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ecnomics of mining in Tanzania. We will have lectures and field visits, and will advise local parties.

Woman standing on shoreline

Sustainable Landscapes - The Wadden Experience

Through multi-method sustainable landscape analysis the UNESCO World Heritage Coast of the Wadden Sea Region (The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) will act as a living lab with lectures, research, fieldwork, debates and workshops.

illustration of people standing on a globe, on the left a healthy environment, blue skye, trees, and on the right an unhealthy environment with factories and smoke
Sustainable Health

Sustainable Health means engaging in preventive medicine, social justice and a harmony with the planet we live in so to guarantee a better health to the generations to come. How can we make health more sustainable?

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