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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Summer schools by discipline

Economics and Business

Anthropocene - how humans shaped the earth

How did we shape our environments in the past and how did this lead to our current global challenges? This summer school will explore tools to study the manifestations of the Anthropocene in urban and rural environments.
How did we get here, how will we get out? This summer school offers tangible tools to study the history of the Anthropocene and theoretical perspectives to deal with it.

Dates: 3 - 8 July 2023
Application procedure: 15 May 2023

Corporate Governance and the Effectiveness of Boards

What do boards do? What factors influence what they do and how they do it? How do they perform and contribute to the overall performance of the company they represent? In this summer school we answer these questions taking a multi-disciplinary approach using insights from economics, finance, management and sociology and psychology.

Dates: 10 - 14 July 2023
Application dealine: 1 June 2023

Energy Challenge – an interdisciplinary approach

Is hydrogen the answer in our quest to stop climate change? This summer school addresses the challenges of a hydrogen economy.

Dates: 28 August – 1 September 2023
Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Africa

While the interest in investing in Africa is rising, the know-how of business on the continent is very limited. This summer school aims to equip students, expatriates, policy makers and entrepreneurs, knowledge of the diversity, economic development, and economic potential of selected African countries, and how to evaluate them in terms of their market potential.

Dates: 23 - 28 July 2023
Application deadline: 17 May 2023

Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Growth: recent developments

This summer school will discuss the major developments regarding research on financial inclusion, including microfinance. It will shed much light on how financial inclusion can induce sustainable growth in low-income economies, with explicit attention to African countries.

Dates: 16 - 21 July 2023
Application deadline: 1 May 2023

Health Equality in All Policies

Interested in public health and health equality? The summer school ‘Health Equality in All Policies’ offers a unique illustration of the different perspectives that are needed for good policies on public health.

Dates: 10 - 14 July 2023
Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Interdisciplinary Perspective on Micro- and Nano-plastics

Are you interested in global challenges? Then join our interdisciplinary summer school on micro-plastics! You will learn from experts in different fields, design solutions, (net)work with peers, and go on excursions!

Dates: 10 – 14 July 2023
Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Sustainable entrepreneurship and (youth) employment within an interdisciplinary setting in Uganda

This Summer School is aimed at developing and strengthening a sustainable entrepreneurial mindset and skills of those students in cooperation with internationals. Furthermore, a focus is placed on (youth) employment in an international and interdisciplinary setting.

Date: 8 - 12 May 2023
Application deadline: 26 March 2023

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