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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Summer schools by discipline

Culture, Arts & Religion


Analyzing Classroom Interactions

This summer school will offer a broad range of methods to capture and analyse classroom interactions.

Vooraanzicht Harmoniegebouw
Actuele Ontwikkelingen in de Neerlandistiek

This spring school (in Dutch) will discuss the latest developments in Dutch Studies, from literature to linguistics and communication.

Classroom full of students
Beyond Horizons - Migrant and Minority Literature

This summer school will examine the function and meaning of cultural transfer as an important tool to build up sustainable societies. Special attention will be paid to minorities and migrants.

Painting by Marie Spartali: "Antigona”
© Sarah Hartwig - One for all, all for one!
Constructing Human Rights Narratives

Narratives are a powerful tool which can be used for both strengthening and weakening human rights ideas. What are the ways of using this tool?

Sustainable Development Goal number 4
Creating a Climate for Change

This summer school on challenges in sustainability education aims to share exciting and develop new ideas through series of participatory and interactive workshops.

outline of Wadden Sea coast
Curating Art and Nature. The Knowledge of the Curator III

We will focus on the increasing interest in curatiorial projects that cross the boundareis between art and nature.

woman in traditional clothing
Development Studies in Tanzania

In this summer school we take a stance on the contentions issues of development in the 21st century by searching for a holistic way to comprehend different societies in the globe.

Groningen landscape

Discovering Holland

In this summer school, students will get to know the Netherlands better and gain insights in the working of this, as it is often perceived, well organized country. Through lectures and subsequent discussions students will be introduced to the main developments in Dutch Politics, Economics, History, and Culture.

Woman and Microscope
Food from Field to Fork

This summer school is aimed at broadening and deepening your knowledge of traditional crop processing and food preparation. Engaging you with key questions arising from the archaeobotanical study of past food practices.

Pile of money
Illicit Trade

This unique summer school pierces the vale of secrecy around these issues and teaches students about illicit financing and trading; not only through theory and book study, but by learning the actual practices and techniques criminals, terrorists, and dictators use to obscure their profits and evade accountability for their actions, and the corresponding techniques to counter them.

world map
Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence is considered one of the top 10 work skills needed for the workforce of 2020. During this structured training participants will gain a deeper insight into their own culture and get the knowledge and skills needed to communicate effectively across cultures.

Medieval script
Law & Literature, c. 1150-1550

This intensive seminar introduces MA and PhD students to law and literature in medieval and early modern England.

Painting of girl reading a book

Methodologies in the History of Philosophy

We will collaboratively reflect on methodological changes in history of philosophy as well as to foster interactions between philosophers at different stages of their career. The summer school will offer participants new insights into the different approaches to the study of the history of philosophy.

Road maintenance
Mining industry, CSR and Local Development

We will focus on the local perspective, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ecnomics of mining in Tanzania. We will have lectures and field visits, and will advise local parties.

Old Frisian
Old Frisian and its Neighbours

Whereas Old English is taught and studied widely, Old Frisian seems to be a well-hidden secret, studied and taught by a just a handful of experts. This summer school aims to unveil some of the linguistic and historic connections between the two 'Anglo-Frisian' languages.

Picture by Leonie Geiger (cc by 4.0)
Religion and the urban, natural and virtual environments

This summer school which will address the dynamic relationship between the multifarious forms of religion and the urban, natural and virtual environments in Europe and beyond.

woman standing on the shoreline
Sustainable Landscapes - The Wadden Experience

Through multi-method sustainable landscape analysis the UNESCO World Heritage Coast of the Wadden Sea Region (The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark) will act as a living lab with lectures, research, fieldwork, debates and workshops.


Things That Matter

This fifth edition of the highly successful summer school addresses the tension between the materiality of sources and their digitization. The summer school engages with key questions that arise from the study of the past in the digital age.

Bike path in New York
Urban Strategies for Health Promotion

This Summer School confronts its participants with the need to develop multi- and transdisciplinary ways of working that combine the expertise of spatial designers, governance experts, community workers, public health experts, professionals in the field of urban studies, architectural and urban historians, and cultural historians.

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