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Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes

In Dutch higher education, great value is attached to independence, individual opinions and teamwork. Knowledge is considered quantifiable and thus measurable. Study programmes are carefully defined and highly structured. Students are expected to make an active contribution and to work independently. Bachelor programmes at our university take three years, Master programmes take either one or two years and can be studied consecutively after the Bachelor programme has been successfully completed. Bachelor graduates also have the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree somewhere else at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.

Admission to study programmes is mostly based on knowledge and skills in the subject areas relevant for the specific programme (rather than the overall high school grade). Interestingly, admission procedures of our degree programmes differ. You should consult the Admission Office of the specific degree programme your child is interested in in order to find out about the procedure. Some degree programmes are restricted by a ballot procedures, other admission offices require that applicants have taken a number of specific subjects during their final high school years.

Our degrees are internationally recognized and allow graduates to work internationally. Sometimes students will have to take additional courses (as required by law in that specific occupation) upon their return to their home country.

Exchange programmes

The University of Groningen has a large number of partner universities all over the world. Every year, we welcome large numbers of exchange students to the university for a short and exciting study period abroad. Most of our degree programmes also offer students an opportunity to study abroad through one of the exchanges.

Honours College

Excellent students from all degree programmes have the chance to apply for the so-called Honours College. This programme is designed to give talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more by offering a program that is followed in addition to the regular Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme. The main aim of the Honours programme is to develop talent and initiative.

Find out more information regarding our offer of degree programmes.

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