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Study abroad

There are different options for studying abroad as part of your degree.

Exchange programme

This is the easiest option. The University of Groningen has made agreements with several foreign universities to exchange students for a period of one to three academic years. This option has several advantages:

  • You don't have to pay tuition to the foreign university.

  • The credits you acquire abroad can (usually) be used for your degree in the Netherlands, which means your stay abroad will not cost you much extra time. Do check beforehand if this is really the case in your situation!

  • There is funding available for many exchange programmes, so it is possible to cover part of your extra expenses.

Multi-faculty exchange programmes are in principle accessible for students from all faculties.

Faculty exchange programmes are only open to students from that specific faculty. Contact the Exchange Office of your own faculty for more information.


It is possible that you have a preference for a specific university. If the University of Groningen does not have an exchange agreement with this university, you could decide to go abroad as a 'freemover'.

  • An advantage is that you can go to the university of your choice.

  • A disadvantage is that it is difficult to find extensive funding opportunities.

  • Another disadvantage is that it is difficult and sometimes impossible to make the credits you obtain abroad count as part of your Dutch degree: this means that there is a large chance that you will need more time to finish your degree at the University of Groningen.

  • Make sure that you contact your faculty's international officer or student advisor very early in the process, to discuss the possible disadvantages.

Full degree

You can also decide to do a complete Master's, Postgraduate or Bachelor's degree abroad. In that case, you do not have to be registered with a Dutch university.

  • In some cases, you will be able to receive the standard Dutch governmental financial support for students ('studiefinanciering') when you choose to do a Bachelor's abroad (check DUO). However, there are very few other funding opportunities.

  • In some cases, you can also receive the standard Dutch governmental financial support for students ('studiefinanciering') when you choose to do a Master's abroad (check DUO). There are more alternative funding opportunities for Master's than for Bachelor's degrees.

  • If you choose to do a Postgraduate degree, you are not eligible for the standard governmental financial support for students ('studiefinanciering'). However, alternative funding is often available.

  • On you can find more information on doing a complete programme abroad.

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