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Education Honours College Bachelor's Honours Programme

The structure of the Bachelor's Honours Programme

This two and a half years extracurricular evening programme of 30 EC is followed next to your regular Bachelor’s degree programme. The programme starts in the second semester of year 1 of your Bachelor’s degree programme and continues until the end of year 3. The programme consists of a faculty component (deepening part) 15 EC and the other half is outside your own faculty (broadening part) 15 EC.

Broadening Part of the Bachelor's Honours Programme

In order to be able to make a contribution in terms of resolving scientific and societal problems and themes, you will need more than a thorough knowledge of your own subject area. In the broadening part (15 EC), you will engage with unknown territories and students from other disciplines, and experience interdisciplinary approaches of learning. The learning will happen in many ways through students' collaboration in the courses, where students will help each other and exchange their (disciplinary) knowledge and views. For example, you will explore topics from different disciplinary angles and learn how to work on creative/collaborative solutions for challenges. Meanwhile you and your fellow students will learn how to provide constructive peer feedback. This interdisciplinary learning experience will help foster an environment where you can be both learner and educator.

All students take part in a Broadening Module provided by another faculty than your own, which is followed by a Summer School and an Atelier. The core of these units is a current, socially relevant theme within the discipline concerned. This topical theme forms the basis for introducing the basic concepts and research methods of the relevant discipline. Through collaborative learning with students from other faculties and disciplines, you will also experience how to approach such a challenge relevant to science or society from different perspectives and develop your own approach to it, with vision and an eye to the future. At the same time, you might develop a range of professional skills. Examples of these broadening course units for the current Bachelor’s Honours students can be found on Ocasys under ‘Honours College’.

More information about the Broadening Part.

Deepening part

You will participate in the Deepening Part (15 EC) of the Honours Programme within your own faculty. Eleven faculties of the University of Groningen have each drawn up their own programmes for this component, especially for Honours students. The maximum number of students per course is 25. The programme for your faculty can also be found on Ocasys, under ‘Honours College’.

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