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Education Honours College Bachelor's Honours Programme

Honours Programme in Philosophy

Next to the interdisciplinary programmes, the Honours College also offers a philosophical programme. This programme contains a broad and in-depth introduction on the main areas of Western philosophy, the philosophical aspects of the own field of science and includes a small part of the broadening part of the BA Honours Programme. The Honours Programme in Philosophy comprises a total of 45 ECTS.

This Honours Programme is an interesting option for students interested in learning about philosophy and the philosophy of their field from a broad academic and social perspective. Students must choose between applying for the regular Bachelor's Honours Programme or for the Honours Programme in Philosophy. This ambitious programme is allocated for a maximum of the 25 most motivated and capable students. It is not available for students from the Faculty of Philosophy, due to the overlap of course units.

Overview of course units in the Honours Programme in Philosophy:

Year + Term Course ECTS
Y1 Q4 Philosophy of Science 5 ECTS
Y2 Q1 History of Philosophy I 5 ECTS
Y2 Q2 History of Philosophy II 5 ECTS
Y2 Q3 Reasoning and Arguing 5 ECTS
Y2 Q4 Good and Evil: Introduction to Ethics 5 ECTS
Y3 Q1 Social and Political Philosophy 5 ECTS
Y3 Q3 Philosophy of ... (to choose from):
- the Humanities
- Life Sciences
- Social Sciences
- Cognitive Sciences
- Natural Sciences

Choice between a Broadening Module from the Honours College Petrus Camper Track in year 2 or third year course philosophy in year 3


Two Skills Modules (2 ECTS each) from the Honours College Petrus Camper Track


Pick Your Own-talent (PYO-t)


More information and a description of the courses can be found in this brochure. Course information can also be found in the online course catalogue Ocasys.

For more information on the content of this programme and the selection procedure, join us online in one of the information sessions, contact the coordinator of this programme at honours.advisor

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