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Education Honours College Bachelor's Honours Programme

Application procedure

Thank you for your interest in the Honours College! Admission to the programme is based on selection, since the number of places in the Honours Programme is limited. The 250 to 300 places are divided proportionally over the eleven faculties. In order to qualify for admission you have to meet certain minimum requirements, please read them carefully.

To apply for a place, you have to submit this information in an online application file. A Google Form is where you can upload your documents and answer some questions about for example your motivation, admissibility, obtained grades and EC. Please wait for the results from the first semester before filling out the form. This ensures that you have been able to gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision and accurately complete all the steps.

The Admissions Board assesses students on the following criteria:

your motivation for seeking admission to the Honours Programme: you are curious for the unknown, ambitious and want to challenge yourself; your academic performance so far: study results (your grade point average and number of EC).

Please note: The application procedure for 2024 is closed. It is no longer possible to apply.

Further procedure:

  1. Within a short period after the application deadline it will be decided whether you are eligible for the next round in the procedure. This is based on the submitted application.
  2. Students who are not selected for a follow-up will be informed as soon as possible.
  3. Students who are selected for the next round will be notified what the next step looks like. If there are more students per faculty than places available, students will be asked to submit a video. If it turns out there are still more suitable candidates than places available (per faculty or study programme), a lottery will be held. The outcome of this lottery will determine whether you will be placed in the Honours programme or not. At a few small faculties (Philosophy and Religion, Culture and Society and Spatial Sciences) students who are selected for the next round will be invited for an interview. Based on the file and the interview it will be determined whether you will be placed in the Honours programme or not.
  4. Soon after finishing the selection procedure, we will let you know whether you have been admitted to the Honours College. In any case, we will inform you before the official start of the Honours programme: the Welcoming Ceremony (early April).
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