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Erasmus+ ICM incoming staff

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) is the European exchange scheme for the mobility of students and staff with ICM partner universities worldwide. The University of Groningen (UG) has actively participated in the scheme since it was launched in 2015.

ICM offers grants to incoming staff from ICM partner universities for short teaching or training visits to the University of Groningen.

Partner universities

We have 30 ICM partners worldwide.

You can find an overview here, including the Erasmus+ contact person at each partner.

How to apply?

Applying for Erasmus+ ICM

The application call is now closed

The application deadline was 29 April 2024


Incoming staff is eligible to apply for the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship if:

  • you are employed at one of our Erasmus+ ICM partner universities.
  • your subject area is available at the host university. Contact the international office (Erasmus+ coordinator) at your home university to find out whether or not your field of study is incorporeated in the Erasmus+ ICM agreement.
  • you are nominated by your home university. Your home university is responsible for the nomination of its staff for a mobility period abroad. In order to apply for the Erasmus+ ICM scholarship, you need a nomination letter from your home University and this letter needs to be uploaded with your online application.

In all cases, we advise you to contact your international office (Erasmus+ coordinator) before you start your application. They have detailed information about which type of staff mobility is possible. Please note that the availability of scholarships varies per participating country and university.

Please be aware that you can only apply to participate in an exchange at the University of Groningen and not to any of the other partners mentioned on the website.

The minimum duration of the ICM staff exchange is 5 mobility days.

Usually scholarships are awarded for 1 week. Please note that the complete journey may take up to 60 days.

A teaching assignment must contain at least 8 hours of teaching per week.


1 During this stage it is not necessary that the Mobility Agreement is signed by the receiving university.

Grant amounts
Daily support

€160,- p/day

Travel support

Travel distances Amount
Between 0 and 99 km €20 per participant
Between 100 and 499 km €180 per participant
Between 500 and 1999 km €275 per participant
Between 2000 and 2999 km €360 per participant
Between 3000 and 3999 km €530 per participant
Between 4000 and 7999 km €820 per participant
8000 km or more €1,500 per participant
Available scholarships

The number of available scholarships is different for each partner university. We advise you to contact the International office (Erasmus+ coordinator) at your home university for more information about the availability of scholarships.

After selection

If you have been selected for an ICM staff mobility scholarship, you probably have questions on practical matters. The good news is that the University of Groningen has a lot of experience with international exchange mobility.

The Mobility and Scholarship Desk (msd informs you about everything you need to know regarding Erasmus+ documents, hotel reservation and other practicalities.

Please note that incoming staff is supposed to arrange their own flight ticket. The available travel support will be paid out after arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an invitation letter / pre-acceptance letter from the University of Groningen (UG)?

Please note that the department of International Strategy & Relations (ISR) and the Mobility & Scholarship Desk (MSD) cannot host individual mobilities, nor do they provide invitation letters to applicants. The exception is mentioned below under “Staff training mobility”.

For teaching staff mobility: as teaching staff you should be invited by a colleague, or find a colleague who is willing and able to host you. In case you do not have a contact person/host yet, check these website, or the faculty specific websites. In case you contact a potential host, always include your CV and mobility/teaching plan. Also, explain you are applying for an Erasmus scholarship to cover your costs of living and travel. In case you do not know your potential host yet, please be aware it may be quite difficult to organize this type of mobility.

For staff training mobility: the University of Groningen in principle does not organize individual staff trainings. This means that staff trainings can only be realized on personal invitation by a colleague at UG, or if you, as applicant, find a host yourself or know someone who can host you. The only exception is the bi-annual Erasmus Staff Week organized by ISR (last edition was in Spring 2019), to which colleagues from partner universities are invited who work in one of the areas that are the topics of this staff week. Partner universities will receive information on the next staff week.

In case you contact a potential host yourself, always include your CV and mobility/training plan (be as specific as possible). Also, explain you are applying for an Erasmus scholarship to cover your costs of living and travel.  In case you do not know your potential host yet, please be aware that for capacity reasons or otherwise, the department you would like to visit may have to decline your request.

For all types of mobilities mentioned: if you contact a potential host, please put msd in the cc field, so they may step in if required.

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