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International Student Associations

International student association

Our student community is incredibly diverse, with over 4,000 international students from over 120 countries. Find friends from a similar background or meet people from different cultures by joining one of our many international student associations. Student associations offer students a social place next to their studies. Through different connections – like a ‘jaarclub’, your house or ‘dispuut’ – students can meet fellow students from different years and join each other for example in study groups in the library. Next to this student associations offer multiple ways to spike up your organizational skills and to develop yourself in different committees and boards. In Groningen there are a lot of different student associations that you can be a member of an some of them are hundreds of years old.

Next to the general student associations there are also associations with a religious or a philosophical background.

AEGEE, Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe
AEGEE is an interdisciplinary student association with some 360 members in Groningen. It hosts a summer university programme and organises excursions, events and congresses around Europe.

African and Caribbean Students Association
This organisation helps African and Caribbean students to integrate and encourages cultural exchanges between African, Caribbeans, and others. It organises social events, symposiums, debates, lectures, and more to promote goodwill and understanding of culture and awareness of certain issues within the community.

AIESEC is a leadership movement and the largest youth-run organisation in the world. It encourages young students to reach their full potential through cross-cultural global internships and volunteer exchange projects around the world.

ALAS: Association for Latin American Students Groningen
American Students Groningen ALAS is open to everyone interested in Latin American culture. The association hosts games nights, lectures and dinners encouraging integration and socialising.

ACSS: Association of Chinese Students and Scholars' in Groningen
Chinese Students and Scholars in Groningen This organisation offers practical advice on how to settle in and provides a communication network for Chinese students. It also organises sports events, festivals, excursions and lectures, and has an active alumni membership, too.

BEST, Board of European Students of Technology
BEST is a European wide association for students to participate in extra curricular knowledge and skills, while roaming Europe. It does this through its seasonal courses (similar to summer schools), engineering competitions and training network. There are currently 96 local groups and RUG has now got a BEST group since May 2017.

British and Irish community in Groningen
A page dedicated to the British and Irish Community in the Province or City of Groningen, Netherlands.

ELSA (European Law Students Association)
ELSA caters to students and recent graduates of the Law programme. It’s a good association to join if you’re seeking intercultural law opportunities and a host of academic and professional events.

With the motto of ‘students helping students’, this student network hosts an introductory week every semester to help introduce new students to the city and student life – it’s a great way to get to know your fellow students. ESN-Groningen also organises 150 other events a year, ranging from pub quizzes to fancy dress parties and comedy nights.

Groningen Indian Students Association (GISA)
This association aims to bridge the gap between Indian- and other students, encouraging integration and spreading cultural awareness. It holds festivals such as Diwali and Holi and also organises other social events.

GUTSA (Groningen University Turkish Student Organization)
Turkish Student Organization) This Turkish-run student organisation regularly organises events and socials for Turkish students in Groningen and anyone else interested in learning more about Turkish culture.

Hellenic Student Association Groningen
The Hellenic Student Association Groningen (H.S.A. Groningen) is a student organization that aims to connect Greek students and promote Greek culture and values within the university community. The association is primarily composed of Greek students studying at the University of Groningen, but is open to anyone who is interested in Greek culture and language.

HOST is an international student association based on Christian values but open to everyone. Our aim is to offer hospitality and a ‘home away from home’ to international students from all over the world.

IFMSA : International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
IFMSA offers cultural exchange programmes, training in leadership, presentation skills and group dynamics and projects relating to human rights, public health and European education and integration.00

Indonesian Students Association PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Groningen)
PPI represents all Indonesian students studying in Groningen.

IRUG - The Korean Student Association Groningen
IRUG’s purpose is:

  • to introduce Korean culture to both international students and Dutch students by organizing academic seminars and entertaining events related to Korea in Groningen;
  • not only to enable the exchange of information by creating communities and providing events to Korean students in Groningen but also to promote networks between Korean students.

Saudi Student Club in Groningen
This student organisation for Saudi students in Groningen and anyone else interested in learning more about Saudi culture hosts events such as Saudi National Day and Ramadan gatherings.

SIB-Groningen: the Dutch United Nations Student Association
SIB offer a range of social activities, such as an introduction camp, galas and parties, and trips to other countries. On Mondays, there are lectures on international topics with drinks afterwards.

Vietnamese Student Organization in Groningen
This student organisation focuses on past, current and future Vietnamese students in Groningen. It helps to settle Vietnamese students into student life and culture in Groningen and promotes a sense of community and cultural exchange.

Bulgarian Society Netherlands
This association aims to connect Bulgarian students together and organises events ranging from dinners, parties, lectures and get-togethers such as wine tasting and board games.

Polish Student Association
The Polish Student Association in Groningen is dedicated to supporting Polish students during their academic journey in Groningen. It provides a platform for cultural exchange, academic support, and social interaction, fostering a sense of belonging and promoting Polish culture within the Groningen student community.

Literary Student Association Flanor
Flanor is a literary student association where you can attend social activities, lectures and book clubs. We have about 200 members of which Bachelor and Master students from the RUG, hanze and other institutions. All our upcoming activities and pictures of previous activities can be found on our instagram and website.

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