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Studentassociations offer students a social place next to their studies. Through different connections – like a ‘jaarclub’, your house or ‘dispuut’ – students can meet fellow students from different years and join each other for example in study groups in the library. Next to this studentassociations offer multiple ways to spike up your organizational skills and to develop yourself in different committees and boards. In Groningen there are a lot of different studentassociations that you can be a member of an some of them are hundreds of years old.

Next to the general studentassociations there are also associations with a religious or a philosophical background.

R.K.S.V. Albertus Magnus
F.F.J. Bernlef
Cleopatra A.S.G.
A.S.V. Dizkartes
Unitas S.G.
G.S.C. Vindicat atque Polit

C.S.F.R./ Yir‘at Adonay
C.S.V. Ichthus
Internationale studentenvereniging Host-Ifes
Navigators Studentenvereniging Groningen
Groninger Studentenplatform voor Levensbeschouwing
R.K. Studentenparochie Sint Augustinus
Ganymedes LGBT Studentenvereniging

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