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Direct debit mandate for full or staggered payment

If you requested to pay your tuition fees by a single direct debit payment or in instalments (authorization for direct debit), you can choose for a digital authorization or a written autorization form.

It is important to read the 'Conditions for direct debit payment'.  For example:

  • it's not allowed to revoke the agreement before the last payment has been made;
  • you must use a bank account number from the SEPA area and you are not permitted to cancel the account before the last instalment has been paid;
  • and the account balance must be sufficient for the payments to be made by the dure date.

'Digitaal Incasso Machtiging' (form of direct debit mandate)

You can pay your tuition fees through a 'Digitaal Incasso Machtiging' (DIM). In this case, the direct debit mandate will be issued by yourself via your Dutch bank. At the moment not all banks are supporting this payment method.

The 'Roadmap Digitale (incasso)machtiging' (only in Dutch) explains how you can issue a DIM via Studielink.

Digital authorization

Digital authorization is only valid if you have confirmed this in Studielink. You can do this as follows:

  • You have received a message from the University of Groningen about the amount of your tuition fee
  • Go to and log in
  • Go to My subscriptions and choose the option 'confirm digital authorization'
  • Mark the check box that you agree with the digital authorization
  • Click the button 'confirm digital authorization'

You will be notified that the digital authorization has been issued. You can only revoke the digital authorization if you retract or cancel your application before the start of the academic year.

Authorization form

You will receive an authorization form by email. Please check the details, sign it and send the authorization form to:

Student Information & Administration
University of Groningen
Postbus 72
9700 AB Groningen

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