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Bachelor's Open Day

Bachelor's Open Day

For whom is the Bachelor's Open Day intended?

The Bachelor's Open Day is meant for prospective students who to a large extent know what kind of study programme they want to do, and who would like to receive more specific information on one or more programmes. The presentations will take place at various locations througout Groningen. Students will therefore be able to visit a total of four different programmes.

Registration is required

You can register for the Bachelor's Open Day of Friday 12 November 2021 from 15 October - 09:00 onwards. Registration is required as places are limited. We strongly advise all international students to attend the introductory presentation on studying in Groningen, applying for accommodation and admission requirements. These sessions are offered in English (All about studying in Groningen) and in German (Alles über das Studium in Groningen). Please register for any of these presentations, as places are limited. Put together a personal programme for the day in the registration module and receive your entry tickets by email. Keep in mind that you might have to travel between locations, so plan your route in advance!

Programme of the Bachelor's Open Day

You can put together your own schedule, so you determine to a large extent what your day will look like. You can choose from the following programme components:

  • Presentations on Bachelor's degree programmes
    All Bachelor’s degree programmes will be presented to the prospective students during the Bachelor's Open Day. The day is divided into four time slots: 10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00 and 16:00-17:00. Most faculties will present their programmes in two or three of these sessions. Provided that there is enough space, all presentations will take place in the buildings where the programmes are located. You will receive information about the study programme, you can attend trial lectures and speak to teachers and students. And of course, you can meet people to whom you might be sitting next to in class in the future. In between presentation sessions, there is enough time to travel to the next location, have lunch or visit an information fair.

  • Presentations for international prospective students
    During the Bachelor's Open Day there will be several sessions especially for international prospective students with information on studying in Groningen, applying for accommodation and admission requirements; it is strongly recommended to attend any of these sessions. These sessions are offered in English (All about studying in Groningen) and in German (Alles über Studieren und Leben in Groningen).

  • General presentations on study-related subjects
    During the Bachelor's Open Day there will also be several general presentations on study-related subjects.

  • Information booths on Bachelor's degree programmes
    All Bachelor's degree programmes also host an information booth where you can talk to study advisors, students and teachers to collect course specific information.

  • International students booths
    On two locations, there will be an international students booth, providing information about housing, admissions and student life in Groningen. Venues: Harmony Building (Canteen, 11:00-16:00) and Zernike Campus, Duisenberg Building (Student Plaza, 11:00-16:00).

  • General information fairs
    During the Bachelor's Open Day you can visit general information fairs on two locations from 11:00-16:00. Here you will find booths providing information on housing, study finances, study guidance, the introduction period, sports, culture and student associations. The information fairs are freely accessible, so if you have some time in between the sessions, don't hesitate to check it out. Locations: Canteen Harmony Building and Zernike Campus, Duisenberg building, Student Plaza.

  • Open House Honours College
    The University of Groningen Honours College, located in the tower (A11) of the Academy Building, is meant for excellent students who are able and willing to follow an enhanced programme. Current Honours students are happy to talk to you between 11:20-12:00, 13:30-14:00 and 15:30-16:00!

  • Science Truck Zernike Campus
    Do you have spare time between presentations? You can get started with all kinds of experiments in the Science Truck. The truck is located on the Zernike Campus, near the Duisenberg Building and the Kapteynborg.

  • City walks
    Explore Groningen's city centre in 45 minutes with current students of GroningenLife! The number of people that can join is limited so please register for this.

Online information package

Please download the online information package, containing maps of the City Centre and Zernike Campus, route descriptions, bus connections and parking information. Please also bring this information, so you know how to travel within Groningen.

Download the information package for the Bachelor's Open Day

Bus ticket

Please don't forget to order a free bus ticket for the open day by leaving your details here. Please note that these free bus tickets will not be distributed on the day, and that without it you will have to buy a ticket from the bus driver.

Covid regulations

Fortunately we have been able to leave most of the Covid regulations behind us. Do you have Covid related symptoms, or have you been in contact with someone with those symptoms, and are you unsure whether you can come visit our university? Please check the Dutch measures against COVID-19.

QR code Virtual tours Groningen
QR code Virtual tours Groningen

Virtual tours

To give you a taste of the atmosphere of the Groningen city center and the Zernike Campus, we have developed two virtual tours. In these interactive tours two of our students will let you experience the city center and the Zernike Campus. The app for the virtual tours is called Intractive and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play app store.

You can start the virtual tours by scanning the QR code or by downloading the Intractive app from the App Store or Google Play-appstore and use code 88175. We wish you a lot of fun!

Open with your mobile
If you open the app with your mobile, click this link to go directly to the Zernike experience or click this link to go to both experiences.

Student life

Learn about student life at the University of Groningen, and find out more about all the exciting opportunities you'll have while studying here.

Blog posts

Read our blog to discover what life as a UG student is like, and to get some great tips about how to make the most of your time here.

Chat to or Mail a Student

Want to talk to someone about what it's like to be a student here? Find out more from one of our current students via email or through our online chat system.


If you have questions about this online event or would like more information in general, please contact us at studiekiezers

Upcoming Bachelor's Events

When Time Where
Friday 12 November 2021
Registration from 15 October 2021
10:00-17:00 hrs Several venues in Groningen
Friday 4 February 2022
Registration from 1 January 2022
10:00-17:00 hrs Several venues in Groningen
Saturday 23 April 2022
Registration from 15 March 2022
11:00-16:00 hrs Several venues in Groningen
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