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Online Bachelor's Week

Visit the Bachelor's degree programmes of the University of Groningen

Visiting one of our Bachelor's Open Days is a great way to find out more about the opportunities, challenges and rewards of academic and social life at the University of Groningen.

That's how we normally promoted our Bachelor's Open Days. Nothing shows a city’s character, a university’s programme and its people better than actually walking around and talking to people. Unfortunately that is not an option for now, as for the time being all physical open days are cancelled because of the corona crisis. That is why we are organising an Online Bachelor's Week from 2 to 6 November. Every day between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. (Dutch time) you can choose from a large number of interactive presentations about all our Bachelor's programmes, but also about other issues that you will have to deal with when you start studying. Unable to attend a specific presentation live? No need to panic, all sessions will be recorded and made available through this site afterwards.

Upcoming Bachelor's Events

When Time Where
2 - 6 November 2020
Registration from 1 October 2020 onwards
Several days and time slots Online Bachelor's Week
25 -29 January 2021
Registration from 1 January 2021 onwards
Several days and time slots

Online Bachelor's Week

Saturday 17 April 2021
Registration from 15 March 2021 onwards
11:00-16:00 hrs Hopefully in Groningen again!

What to expect from our Online Bachelor’s Week?

You can design your own programme by selecting the presentations of your choice. Your options are:

Presentations on Bachelor’s degree programmes
A lot of Bachelor’s degree programmes offer presentations filled with information about the contents of the programme, the admissions requirements and career prospects after graduation. On most occasions you will be offered the option to chat with staff and students during or after the presentation as well.

Presentations for international students
Of course there’s a lot more to talk about than just the programme contents, that’s why we also offer a few themed presentations. We talk about (for example) finding a place to live, the (normally) exciting student life in Groningen, binding study advice and the largest student sports organisation in the country. These presentations are offered both in English and in German.

A few days before the start of the Online Bachelor's Week, you will find all participation links on this site. You can download a digital goodie bag at the same time, with all kinds of flyers from organisations that are normally on our information fair.

Why choose Groningen?

·         Top 100 university

·         One of the best research universities in Europe

·         The city is our campus #thecityisourcampus

·         Large international community

·         Dynamic and unique student city

More reasons why you should choose the UG.

Please also check out Mail a student! Students from all our Bachelor’s degree programmes would love to tell you more and answer all your questions.

Do you have questions concerning studying with a functional impairment? Feel free to make an appointment with a student counsellor at the Student Service Centre.

Lastly: you can find a lot of information about the student life in Groningen on


If you have more questions about this online event or would like more information in general, please contact the Communications department on studiekiezers

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