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Bachelor entry requirements

On this page you will find an overview of accepted certificates to lift a deficiency (listed by faculty)
On this page you will find an overview of the language requirements per faculty and an overview of accepted exemptions
On this page you will find a list of qualifications that are considered equivalent to the Dutch pre-university diploma (VWO)

Transferring credits and switching programmes

Can I transfer credits to a Bachelor's programme of the University of Groningen?

Only in rare cases is it possible to transfer credits obtained within a different programme of higher education to a Bachelor's degree programme at the University of Groningen. For the Bachelor's programmes of the Faculty of Medical Sciences it is not possible.

In order to transfer credits, the courses completed have to be nearly exactly the same as the University of Groningen courses from which you want to be exempted.

We ask applicants to first carefully assess the possibility of transferring credits/exemptions by examining the course de scriptions of the Bachelor's degree programme.

Procedure for transferring credits/exemptions

Should you be convinced that transferring credits/exemptions might be a possibility for you, the procedure is as follows:

You apply for enrolment as a 'regular' first-year Bachelor's student. With your application, you include all necessary documents concerning your secondary education and higher education.
Our Admissions Office, together with the Admissions Board, will determine whether you are admissible to the first year of the Bachelor's programme. Should you be admitted, an official request for exemptions can only be submitted once you are fully enrolled at the University of Groningen. You will receive further information about the enrolment procedure from the university's Central Student Administration from June onwards. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee whether you would be able to receive exemptions or start in a higher year during the application procedure. We kindly ask you to remind us of your wish to transfer credits/request exemptions once your registration with the University of Groningen is complete so we can send you the necessary contact details for your request.

Can I switch to a different Bachelor's programme within the University of Groningen?

If you are already pursuing a Bachelor's programme at the University of Groningen, but wish to transfer to - or enrol additionally in - another Bachelor's programme (provided this is possible for the faculty/programme concerned), the general application deadline and procedures for this Bachelor's apply.

Switching due to negative BSA
If you wish to transfer to another programme due to having received a negative BSA for the programme you are currently pursuing, you will have to complete your application before 1 August for that year's September intake, provided this programme does not have an additional selection procedure and such a transfer is permitted by the faculty/programme concerned. If you want to apply to a fixed-quota Bachelor's programme, you will always have to comply with the regular application procedure and deadlines of that programme.

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