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The CMB Christmas Book Fair raised € 1,066.50

21 January 2020
The proceeds were donated to the Beatrix Children's Hospital
Magic table
Magic table

The CMB Christmas Book Market has delivered no less than € 1,066.50, which is more than we could have hoped! We would like to thank everyone who has donated or purchased books.

Beatrix Children’s Hospital

The proceeds go to the Beatrix Children's Hospital for the "Tovertafel" project:


The magic of the Tovertafel makes playing together possible, even for children for whom that is not obvious!

Every child wants to be a child, play and feel part of a group. The Tovertafel challenges you to play together. And that is important. Because playing children are learning children. Based on the conviction that pleasure and connection are paramount, we stimulate movement and social interaction.
Twelve serious games provide incentives in the social, physical and cognitive field and are specifically developed for children who stay in the hospital (for a long time).

A Tovertafel Sprout is a cabinet that can be mounted on the ceiling and projects interactive light plays on the table. The serious games respond to hand and arm movements and aim to stimulate children with small and large challenges in their social, physical and cognitive development. It is something very special for them, those lights, those sounds, the wonder when they see how the games react to their movements. You really see something happen.

These magic tables will be placed in all playrooms in our children's hospital.


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