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Dr. Berfu Unal

Berfu Unal
Berfu Unal

Berfu Unal is an Assistant Professor Social Psychology and teaches the following courses:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Consumer Psychology

About Berfu

My name is Berfu Ünal and I am an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology in Campus Fryslan. At University College Fryslan, I serve as a College Board member, helping to develop the bachelor programme Global Responsibility and Leadership further. I am also the coordinator of the major Responsible Humanity and I teach several courses as part of this major such as Explaining Human Behaviour, Applied Social Psychology and Consumer Psychology.

Currently, my research focuses on environmental sustainability and how to promote environmentally-friendly behaviours and innovations among people. I enjoy involving students in my research via Living Lab projects and collaborating with partners from practice.

On a more personal level, I like cooking, trying out new recipes and sharing the joy with friends around a big table! I am also a plant-addict and try to make every space I enter a bit green. I like reading books, visiting photo exhibitions and museums, and my guilty-pleasure is watching apocalypse movies!

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