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Current positions open for application:

Assistant Professor Economics & Sustainability (0.8 FTE)

Assistant Professor Economics & Sustainability (0.8 FTE)

Staff testimonials

"Really something else"

For me working at Campus Fryslân is really something else. Like most that have worked in research, my surroundings often times consisted of people with more or less similar backgrounds, at least, that’s not how I looked at it then, but compared to the diversity in this new faculty it definitely was.

To put the ambition into practice to really become interdisciplinary turned out to require serious effort, as it makes you go outside of your comfort zone to explore where two or even more fields together have added value in solving relevant questions. Healthy ageing as a focus area of the university, may be one of the most tangible illustrations, as many fields of expertise including, medical, behavioral, nutritional, political and cultural sciences will need to join forces to be able to make a difference in preventing disease and increase healthy years of life.

As faculties don’t arise on a daily basis, starting from scratch provides the exceptional opportunity to shape our own future but it also entails earning a spot as the new kid on the block and actively going out there to look for structural partnerships. All and all an exciting place to work in a team full of energy that comes naturally with the birth of a new faculty.

Dr. Tim van Zuthpen

"One team, one goal "

For over a year now I’m working as a policy officer for Education and Student Affairs at Campus Fryslân. I moved from Brabant to Leeuwarden about 3 years ago, because my husband found a job here. I worked at a college; first as a teacher, later I became involved in setting up a branch in Limburg. Setting up something new, and thereby pioneering, really pleased me. Coincidentally, I ended up in Leeuwarden, where the University of Groningen was also pioneering with the development of Campus Fryslân.

In my role as a policy officer I have a wide variety of tasks, including the co-development of new master programs, quality assurance, language and culture policy, but also setting up the educational organization and logistics. My previous experience at the university came in handy here. We work in a diverse and international team, which makes the interactions very fun and interesting. Everyone has one goal in mind, and that is what makes Campus Fryslân a great success. I look forward to the start of the programmes in September. Then the students will mirror us if we have really thought of everything!

Chantal Vrijhof

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