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About us Campus Fryslân Research at Campus Fryslân Frisian flagships

Flagship 1: Governance

Governance investigates the traditional and non-traditional forms of public and private collaboration and regulation. It has emerged as a key research subject in a multiplicity of domains and disciplines and is, therefore, ideally suited for the interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary perspective of the faculty Campus Fryslân. The research flagship encompasses two chair groups:
1) Global and Local Governance - prof. dr. Caspar van den Berg, and 2) Governance and Innovation - prof. dr.
Andrej Zwitter.

Global and Local Governance

This chair group focusses on the connection between global phenomena and their implications for the national, regional and local levels of governance. We do so in an interdisciplinary way, drawing on theories and methods from political science, public administration, geography and political economy. Current research projects address issues including the future of consensus governance in a globalized society, regional identity politics, governing towards a circular economy, regional cooperation, decentralization, and politicization within national government.  

Members: prof.dr. Jouke de Vries (hon.), prof.dr. Michiel Herweijer, Dr. Rogier van der Wal, Abe Hendriks MSc., Bram van Vulpen MSc., Sofie Dreef MSc.

Governance and Innovation

This chair group is dedicated to questions surrounding innovations, such as artificial intelligence, drones, blockchain etc., their impact on society, and the necessity of their regulation. The team composition is interdisciplinary and ranges from science and technology studies, to data science, ethics and law. Current research projects concern for example the ethics of predictive policing and urban vulnerabilities and humanitarian action.

Members: Dr. Anne Beaulieu, Dr. Elena Cavagnaro, Dr. Daniel Feitosa, Dr. Oscar Gstrein, Dr. Tessa van der Voort, Dr. Karsten Schulz, Anno Bunnik MA, Eko Rahmadian MSc, Beorn Nijenhuis MSc, Puneh Eftekhari MA, Kelly Henao MA,

  • Prof. Jouke de Vries
  • Prof. Caspar van den Berg
  • Prof. Andrej Zwitter
Current PhD projects
Name Research project
Hendriks, Abe The Politics of a Transition to a Circular Economy
Van Vulpen, Bram Regional disparities and identity politics: a socio-spatial analysis.
Rahmadian, Eko The Use of Big Data in Sustainable Tourism
Bunnik, Anno Policing the Future? Assessing the Implementation of Big Data by UK Law Enforcement
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