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Language, geography and history connector Alex Kerkhof breathes new life into old science

14 June 2023

Dr. Alex Kerkhof is a researcher at the Fryske Akademy and as of today may call himself winner of the Campus Fryslân 2023 Science Prize. As a historical linguist and historian with knowledge of geography and place name science, Alex Kerkhof looks across themes and connects them in inspiring ways. Alderman Nathalie Kramers presented the Science Prize on behalf of the Municipality of Leeuwarden.

Wetenschapsprijs 2023
The winners of 2023

The jury of the Science Prize Campus Fryslân 2023 is impressed by the young talent doing research related to Friesland. Chairman Prof. Anne Beaulieu praises the diversity of the entries and sees that researchers are increasingly working interdisciplinarily. 'This is an important development in science, which also says something about how innovative science is being done in Friesland. This can be seen in the questions and also in how scientists communicate about their research and how they implement it concretely. We see this very clearly in Dr. Alex Kerkhof's research and it makes its scientific contributions innovative and thought-provoking.

Meaningful online communication

The second prize was won by Dr. Deike Schulz, a lecturer at NHL Stenden. Schulz researches meaningful online communication and media literacy among citizens, especially young people. Together with Frisian partners (library and ROC) she works to raise awareness of the risks of online communication, such as online bullying, sexual harassment or the confrontation with disinformation and misinformation. Her approach is characterized by co-creation and she developed an approach with Frisian partners in the broad sense, which is also usable nationally and relevant for a wide audience, according to jury member Dr. Mirjam Günther-Van der Meij.

Making the invisible visible

Dr. Wido Heeman (MCL), who recently received his PhD, received the third prize for his invention which enables surgeons to better measure the blood flow in organs and thus better determine which spot is best suited for suturing.  Juror Dr. Herman Blom says of the research, ‘A medical-technological innovation with major positive consequences for the patients involved. If you think in terms of chances of survival, this is an innovation from Fryslân with great impact'.

Science Prize Campus Fryslân 2023

The Science Prize covers a cash prize of €10,000, of which €6,000 is earmarked for the 1st prize, €3,000 for the 2nd prize and €1,000 for the 3rd prize. With the science prize, RUG/Campus Fryslân wants to stimulate and reward scientific research talent. Leeuwarden Municipality finances the Science Prize which is organized every two years.

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