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Christiaan Boerma appointed Endowed Professor of Meaningful Preventive Care

14 December 2022

Christiaan Boerma, Dean of the MCL Academy, has been appointed Endowed Professor of Meaningful Preventive Care as from 1 December. The chair is a joint initiative of the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân and Leeuwarden Medical Centre (MCL).

This cooperation between the MCL, Stichting Topklinische Zorg Fryslân, and the Sustainable Health department of the Campus Fryslân offers unique opportunities to look beyond the partitions in healthcare and think about future-proof care for all Frisians. This puts people's needs at the centre. What is meaningful for them and how can they retain ownership in this as much as possible?

Christiaan Boerma
Christiaan Boerma

Strengthening the Frisian region and beyond

Prof. Andrej Zwitter, Dean of UG/Campus Fryslân: 'We are very proud and happy about the appointment of Dr. Christiaan Boerma as endowed professor of Meaningful Preventive Care by the foundation Stichting Topklinische Zorg Fryslân. Prof. Boerma’s appointment with the faculty Campus Fryslân will strengthen the cooperation with MCL Academy and further elevate research and education of the faculty and the department of Sustainable Health in the region and internationally.' Dr Valentina Gallo, head of the Sustainable Health Department adds: 'On behalf of the Department of Sustainable Health, I warmly welcome prof. Christiaan Boerma at Campus Fryslân, and salute this appointment as the foundation of new bridges to be built between the two institutions. Together, they will contribute rooting preventive continuous care in the whole Frisian region'.

Patrick Vink, chair of the MCL Executive Board: 'We are delighted with Christiaan's appointment as Professor of Meaningful Preventive Care. It is a great reward for his dedication and hard work. For MCL, this means another great step in the cooperation with the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân. This brings the total number of professors at MCL to four, which is something we are very proud of.'

Continuing the Academic Tradition

Prof. Christiaan Boerma: 'I feel honoured to have the opportunity of carrying on the old Frisian academic tradition. Such celebrities as Descartes studied in Franeker at De academia van Vrieslant in their time. Nowadays, students from the province are once again working together with students from all over the world. From different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, we look for local solutions to global problems. Climate, health, and quality of life are ultimately all connected, but the solutions may differ from region to region.'

Stronger together

After a long career as an Intensive Care Specialist, Christiaan Boerma made the switch to the MCL Academy in 2020. 'The core task of our top clinical hospital is patient care, but it also has a major task in training, research, and innovation. This is key to the quality of life in this region. It is a place where you receive good help and where working is a pleasure. In the coming years, it will be all hands on deck to keep young people loyal to us. From that perspective, it is nice to connect with the UG/Campus Fryslân. Together we are stronger!'

The endowed chair is established by Stichting Topklinische Zorg Fryslân who has appointed prof. Boerma for a period of five years. One day a week he will be working for UG/Campus Fryslân.

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