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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Dr. Pelin Gül

Dr. Pelin Gül is an Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at the Campus Fryslan of the RUG. Her research focuses on the psychological foundations of gender relations and inequality. The primary goals of her research is to (1) explain how motivational and cultural processes interact to shape support for social norms and beliefs that disadvantage women and other gender minorities (e.g., female honor norms, sexist beliefs, misogeny, rape myths, anti-gay bias) and (2) describe the implications of these social norms on violence and harrassment against women at various domains of life (domestic, social, health, and work). The broad objective of her research is to find new ways of combating harmful traditional practices and other forms of inequalities affecting women and gender minorities by offering researchers and practitioners a more nuanced understanding of why sexist beliefs persist.

As part of the Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, her research will focus on investigating how motivational, cultural, perceptual and identity processes can interact to create barriers to women's (sustainable) entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in Friesland. She plans to expand this research later to the rest of the Netherlands, and other parts of the world.

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