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What are the summer plans of our Master students?

Date:02 June 2023
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Whether you are just thinking about applying for a study programme or you are about to graduate, check some summer plans and ideas from current Master’s students at Campus Fryslân. What will their summer look like? What didn't they have time for during their studies? And how can you best prepare if your Master’s starts this September?

Julia (MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

Enjoying the sun on the beaches of Almeria (Spain) before returning back to the Dutch weather is my top priority. I am planning a few trips, visiting many people and above all opening the doors of my home to the new friends I have made during my stay at the University of Groningen so that they can also enjoy the wonderful city I come from.

However, it won't all be fun as I have to work on my personal and work projects that I haven't been able to focus on during this busy year in Leeuwarden.

The master's degree has also left me little time to get to know this country a bit better, so it is one of the essential tasks on my checklist for the coming year. This time in the Netherlands has also given me a lot of inspiration for new creative projects and especially collaborative projects, but there was not enough time to realize all of them. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to coming back in September with recharged batteries and a lot more energy to face all the craziness, plans and opportunities that are yet to come.

Jacopo (MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

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This summer will be full of exciting adventures, traveling in new places and meeting new people. My first stop will be in Italy, my home country, where I will be camping with my closest friends, which I've seen just a handful of times this year. Following my camping adventures, I will also embark on a thrilling hiking expedition of multiple days in the majestic Alps. A long journey awaits me, full of perils and risks. Sleeping in my tent, I will try to reach as many summits as possible. I will later move to Vienna and Budapest to visit these two amazing cities I've never been to and also meet friends I've met this year during my master's in Leeuwarden. But the excitement doesn't end there. I will also devote time to planning my upcoming year abroad in Central and South America. This is an incredible opportunity for personal growth since I will be alone for numerous months in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Columbia, where the possibilities for exploration are endless. 

This year of my master's left me with a constant feeling of running against the clock. The demands of coursework, research projects, and the final thesis have consumed my time, often leaving little room for anything else. As the days and weeks flew by, I felt I was spending most of my time inside the University building, leaving only a few evenings to relax with my friends. Even cooking became a luxury since I often had to rush somewhere, and a quick cold sandwich was the only option. What I missed more was time to do sport. I had to stop for many months since I could not balance my workload, and even though I know it is my fault, it would have been too much to add an intensive training routine to my schedule. Nevertheless, in this last month, at the end of this intense academic year, I feel I've found more time for myself, and I'm ready to make the most of each of these precious moments.

Maria (MSc. Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

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After spending some time with my family, this summer I'll travel to the northern Italian mountains, where I used to spend the majority of my summers. Then, although I haven't made any plans yet, I'll mix some trips across Europe with some weekends away in Italy with my friends. Finally, I plan to travel to South East Asia at the end of the summer and stay there for about four months.

Even though I managed to organize my study time to allow me to have some free days every week, some times, especially during exams period, I had to renounce some leisure activities to focus on my studies. Since it only happened a few times and I consider it to be normal, I would say that I had time to do everything I wanted.

To prepare for your Master’s motivation and passion is everything you need. However, I recommend having a look at the suggested readings proposed by the professors on brightspace. This would give you an idea of the kind of readings you are going to face and will make you feeling more confident once classes will start.