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How to survive Black Friday cravings

Date:21 November 2022
Black Friday
Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. In the United States, it is known for its long lines, dense crowds, and limited quantities of discounted merchandise. In the Netherlands, most people look for good deals online or finally buy the television they always wanted. The fact that it is simpler to purchase items on Black Friday than it would have been otherwise is also well-known. To avoid this, we have a Black Friday survival guide with tips on how to make the most of it or nothing at all.

1: Plan ahead and make a budget

You should start planning ahead of time before going to the store. This is a critical step that is frequently overlooked, so we want to emphasize that everyone should plan before purchasing. While planning, you might ask yourself, “Do I miss anything in my daily use that could benefit me?” Or: “Have I been meaning to buy something for a long time but haven't gotten around to it?”. Items such as headphones or fuzzy socks may come to mind, but ask yourself, “Do I really need these?”, and “Will I actually use them in my everyday life?”. When you answer yes to these questions, you can look for specific items and compare them to find the best quality-price combination, preferably before Black Friday. This way, you'll be fully prepared before the discounts even appear.

Other questions to consider include whether you want to spend the holidays with friends and family and whether you want to include gifts. If this is the case, you should already be considering what you want to give them. Black Friday is an excellent time to purchase specific items at a low cost. Moreover, before you go out, make a budget. Even if your finances aren't tight, a budget can help you resist impulse purchases and resist the urge to buy something just because someone else “might like it”. Decide how much money you have available and stick to it.

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2: Make an action plan

Finally, before Black Friday, make a plan of action in which you decide what you want the most and what you believe will sell out the quickest. You might stay up until midnight to get those online items when they go on sale, or you might be the first in line at the store in the morning to get your items. Remember that Fridays are always more congested than other days of the week, and this can be especially problematic on Black Friday. As a result, we recommend that you travel by bike or walk whenever possible. During these times, even public transportation can be more useful, and more sustainable.

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3: Eat before you shop

It’s Black Friday! Make sure you eat enough food before heading out since you don’t want to go shopping on an empty stomach. Stick to your shopping list and don’t get too possessive about the things you wanted. Keep in mind there will still be discounts until Cyber Monday so you don’t have to find everything on Black Friday. If you're going shopping for a long time, bring some water and snacks to stay hydrated and satisfied. Make sure to take breaks so you don't come home exhausted and grumpy. Most importantly, return to your shopping list and budget on a regular basis!

In conclusion, the most important step is to plan ahead of time before Black Friday. Again, if you don't need anything, don't feel obligated to buy anything this weekend. That is completely reasonable. However, if you intend to spend the weekend shopping and browsing the web, make sure you stick to your shopping list and budget. This way, you won't make as many impulse purchases as you would otherwise. Finally, there will be more sales and discounts, so don't put too much pressure on yourself to buy everything these days.

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