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How do I survive uni: staying HOT this winter

Date:10 January 2023
Staying warm during winter
Staying warm during winter

High energy bills and inflation affect all of us. And if you’re asked if you have any New Year's resolutions, it doesn't get any better. You should start moving your butt right now if you want to avoid freezing this winter. This blog post will teach you how to be and stay warm this winter and every winter after that.

First and foremost, you should attempt to insulate your home or room (better). If you can feel wind when standing next to a window, you should definitely change something. It can get very expensive if you do not have an insulated living space. Because most of the heat escapes the house, you must use twice as much gas. Furthermore, when you open a window, only open it slightly because this allows the least amount of heat to escape and uses the least amount of energy. If you can't figure out how to insulate your house, you can try some other methods to keep it warm. Any particularly drafty areas in your home, such as those near window frames, keyholes, and under doors, should be blocked. Keep your curtains drawn before it gets dark to prevent losing heat, while keeping them open during the day to let in light and warmth.

Second, prepare more hot food and beverages. Using a microwave or air fryer instead of baking a meal in the oven could help you save money on your energy bill. Consider a cup of hot tea or soup one of your season's staples!

Next, consider walking instead of riding your bike or driving. Fortunately, Leeuwarden is not too large, so walking instead of cycling can benefit you in a variety of ways. This way, you get a lot of steps in, which is good for your health, it keeps you warm for longer, and it can help you mentally. Walking allows you to inhale more oxygen and appreciate your surroundings more. You notice things you would not have noticed otherwise. In addition, if it's raining, walking with an umbrella is preferable to cycling. And you'll appreciate it even more when the sun shines!

Besides that, you should become more active to boost your circulation. Go to the gym more often, take that dance class you've been meaning to take, go for a walk around town, go running, play volleyball with your friends, and so on. This allows you to burn some calories while staying warm. Hopefully, it will also make you feel better during the winter and make you feel instantly more “hot”. At the same time, avoid sitting still for long periods.

Last but not least, you should dress warmer for the cold weather. After all, it is winter, so put on your warmest sweaters from your closet. Wear a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and warm shoes or boots when you go outside. Don’t forget to wear those warm, tall socks you've been wanting to wear all year. Above all, layering is your best friend! After a long walk, always make sure you can remove a warm sweater. Finally, keep at least one blanket in your home for when you are feeling cold and want to be comfortable. As a result, you won't have to worry about becoming less “hot” this winter.

Lastly, check what support you can get. The municipality of Leeuwarden has updated the eligibility criteria for energy compensations for small households, including student households.Please check the criteria carefully on this website to see if you qualify for compensation!