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A glimpse into our DSS student community: Meet Imaji!

Date:05 November 2023
Imaji, student of Data Science & Society
Imaji, student of Data Science & Society

In this blog post, Imaji, a second-year student of Data Science & Society (DSS), talks about the reason behind her study choice, how her life has changed since moving to Leeuwarden, and the opportunities encountered so far throughout the programme.

Meet… Imaji!
My name is Imaji Kasih Ayunda Rizal. People call me Imaji. I am a second year Data Science and Society student here at Campus Fryslan. I am a 19 year old from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Why did you choose to study Data Science & Society at Campus Fryslan over other programmes?
I chose this programme because of my personal interest to do something related to information technology. I also saw the growing relevance and necessity of data science in different fields. On top of that, I have always seen myself as someone who cares for the community. This programme allows me to do just so, by learning to responsibly work with data, taking into account its impact on society. What’s more is that the programme also provides space for me to have hands-on experience with partners from the public and private sector.

How is it to live in Leeuwarden?
Having lived my whole life in a busy city like Jakarta, it is a nice change of scenery. I enjoy the mundane activities I started doing after moving here. I love going to the market on Fridays to get fresh produce and baked goods, going to the thrifts with my friends, taking walks around the city and finding new things I didn’t notice before. In general, it’s also easy to go to other cities here in the Netherlands. One thing though, is since Leeuwarden is up north and pretty close to the sea, the winds can be quite strong.

What opportunities do you have to socialize beyond studying?
I feel like I’ve been given a lot of opportunities from my time here. Last semester, we were given the opportunity to come to a data visualization conference attended by professionals in the field. The programme also hosted its first symposium, in which I was given the chance to open the event as the MC. This also led to another opportunity to host a different event for the faculty. Last summer, I also had an opportunity to do a short internship. Besides these amazing opportunities, and aside from working with the university which has helped with my personal development and growing my network, it’s safe to say I’ve made lifelong friends. We occasionally plan dinners, getting ready and coming to the events the student association holds together, have crafting sessions, and more.