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A Day in the Life... LLM Governance & Law in Digital Society

Date:22 April 2020
Pieter Polhuis
Pieter Polhuis

Hi, my name is Pieter Polhuis. Currently, I am a student of the master degree programme Governance and Law in Digital Society (GLDS). GLDS trains students to solve societal problems from a governmental perspective. This master primarily focuses on the challenges that society faces because of the usage of technology. In this blog I will tell you how a day of a GLDS’er looks.

8:30 am: Wake up routine

I start my day at 8 am. I wake up, take a shower, get dressed and put wax in my hair. I always skip breakfast because I do not believe in eating before 12 o’clock. Usually, I take the train at 9:42.

9:42 am: Train

My train to Leeuwarden leaves at 9:42 am each morning. I try to travel with other students of the master. Time goes by quicker and it is productive to discuss the study content before class. Sometimes I also catch up on some readings too. 

10:45am – 15:30 pm: Classes

Class starts at 10:45 and it is located at the Beurs in Leeuwarden. It used to be the library but now it is renovated for study purposes. The master program is characterised by interactive classes. They expect that you do a lot of presentations and actively participate. I really like these elements because it prepares you for working life. When you have a job, you are constantly debating about the material. The master provides a safe area to learn how to construct your argument and how to persuade others based on academic literature. Another element which I like about the master is the fact that your writing skill is being trained. The majority of the courses grades your skills through research papers. I believe that writing is also an important skill to have once you have a job. Especially in the kind of jobs after this master. The chance that you end up working as a legal consultant, policy-maker, representative or as a civil servant at a ministry is high. You need to know how to formulate your thoughts in order to solve societal problems by the use of legal instruments

3:30pm - 6:30pm

After class, I take the train back to Groningen. I live with my girlfriend in an apartment in the inner city. We talk to each other about our days. We also discuss dinner plans. Sometimes we eat outdoors. When I feel like it, I grab a couple of drinks with friends. When there are deadlines, I make sure I have a good night sleep. When I really need to finish something, I go to the UB or the law library. 

6:30 pm - Midnight

So depending on whether I have deadlines or not, I just chill. When I go out for a drink, I try to go home before 3 am. Although, now that I in the master, I usually take it easy. I believe that before your masters you should party as much as you can because; why the hell not? But in your master, I believe you should strive for academic perfection and get good grades so you can profile yourself on the job market. 

Would you like to hear more about the master or why I do not believe in the concept of breakfast? You can always contact me via p.polhuis.jr