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Why you should donate stem cells

Donating stem cells to save a life, are you in?!

Date:20 June 2022

At Campus Fryslân we learn about a whole range of different inequalities, but what if a certain inequality threatens your life or those of your loved ones? You could safe the life of a patient with leukaemia or other severe blood disorder. Have you already...

How to improve the quality of your sleep

Busy students: This is how you improve the quality of your sleep

Date:10 June 2022

Balancing your study load, committee work, social life and your health can be difficult as a student. Often, your sleep and quality of sleep suffers as a result. A continuous lack of sleep can have serious health implications. In this blog you will read...

What does it mean to be healthy?

“Avocados are healthy”, “Sleep is important” - It’s easy to be healthy, right?

Date:04 April 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Being healthy is good, it’s sustainable, and easy. It’s easy to buy vegetables, do sports, keep your mind at ease, and just be healthy. Or is it? The 7th of April is World Health day. A good reminder that we need to talk about being healthy, how to debunk...

What can UG mean to my mental health?

Mental well-being during your studies

Date:12 October 2021

What do you do when a fellow student/ friend is having a hard time with their mental health? How do you ask for help when you don't know where to go? What can UG mean to my mental health? In honour of Mental health day that took place on Sunday 10 October,...

Greta Thunberg

A Cinderella story: Let's raise our soils from the dirt!

Date:06 October 2021
Is soil mistreated? Is it neglected? Does it need our help to regain its full potential? Yes, yes, and yes.
How to overcome culture shock

How to survive culture shock

Date:18 September 2021
Culture shock isn't a fun experience, to say the least. In this blog you'll read about how it arises and what may help to overcome it.
Health insurance for international students in the Netherlands

How to: Dutch health insurance for international students

Date:10 September 2021
As an international student in the Netherlands you may or may not be obligated to take out Dutch health insurance. In this blog post we will help you figure out whether you need to take action or not.
Fun and unique ways to make yourself at home

5 things to do to quickly feel at home

Date:01 September 2021
If you're wondering what to do and how to meet new people in Leeuwarden, here are 5 tips on things you should try after moving to our city. 

Keeping yourself entertained during these days

Date:13 November 2020
Author:Sinead Walsh

The fact that there is a global pandemic still ongoing throughout the world means that many of us cannot travel and undertake activities the way we used to. It kind of sucks but it is for our own good. Lucky for you I’ve come up with some alternative ways...

Reflecting on My First Block

Reflecting on My First Block

Date:13 November 2020

By Leonie Christel