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Voice Tech student Leslie's year in pictures

One Year in Leeuwarden - My Master in Pictures

Date:13 June 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Time flies. The older I get the more it feels like the years are getting shorter and the year I spent studying a Master’s programme at Campus Fryslân definitely supports this thesis. Now it’s time to look back. Maybe you can get an impression of what life...

Loredana Cerrato

Loredana Cerrato: the world is full of opportunities for specialists in voice technology nowadays

Date:09 May 2022

Loredana Cerrato is a project manager at Nuance Communications, in the TechOpS Northern Europe Team. She infuses her curiosity and enthusiasm in her personal and professional life. In the interview, Loredana is sharing her professional story and helps to...

Sjors Weggeman

Sjors Weggeman: First of all determine who you are, where you want to go, and what you want to do

Date:20 April 2022

Sjors is a Msc. Voice Technology student with a background in Artificial intelligence and an interest in psychology. In the interview, learn how Sjors is combining the two in his thesis, why he finds it interesting to cooperate with a company and what...

Leminh at Campus 

Leminh Nguyen: Improving Luxembourgish speech recognition performance

Date:20 April 2022

Leminh is from Luxembourg and has a Computer Science background. He is interested in speech processing and recognition and he chose the MSc. Voice Technology to broaden his knowledge in the field. Currently Leminh is working with the government of...

Working as a speech scientist (illustrative)

Aki Kunikoshi from ReadSpeaker: Once you learn something try it out!

Date:20 April 2022

Aki Kunikoshi is a speech scientist at ReadSpeaker and a true enthousiast of language technologies.In the interview with Aki you will find a number of project examples she comes across daily, and a great share of tips and ideas for a career in the field.

Here's what you need for your application to uni

Applications - What do you need?

Date:21 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

The application deadline for Bachelor and Master programs are approaching fast! The 1st of May is the magic day. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed and are not sure what else to have in mind? Here are 5 tips on applying to uni!

Sarah Faste

Voice Technology students about living and studying in Leeuwarden

Date:17 March 2022

Tatsu Matsushima from Japan and Sarah Faste from the US are international students who study MSc Voice Technology  at Campus Fryslân. Learn about their experience living at the new place and studying the programme.

Apply to uni

5 steps to confidently apply to uni

Date:07 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this right now, you are probably about to apply for a program at the University of Groningen, or more specifically, Campus Fryslân. Glad to see you here! I hope this little guide finds you at a good point in time and will help you...

What is voice technology?

What exactly is Voice Technology?

Date:02 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Every time that somebody asks me what I study, there’s a little pause and then I start to drop some keywords like “speech synthesis”, “Alexa, Siri”, “voice recognition”. Sometimes, my opposite will go “ahh, cool”, but most of the times I get a pair of eyes...

Director and associate professor of MSc Voice Technology Matt Coler

Matt Coler: Contributing to changing how humans and machines communicate

Date:14 January 2022
Interview with Matt Coler, the director and associate professor of MSc. Voice Technology.