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ToDo committee students in their free time

How to engage with data science outside the classroom

Date:19 April 2022

Next to your studies, there are loads of extracurricular activities you can engage in. There are loads of committees and many activities for you to join in. There is even a committee that focuses on all topics surrounding data, named the Technology...

Here's what you need for your application to uni

Applications - What do you need?

Date:21 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

The application deadline for Bachelor and Master programs are approaching fast! The 1st of May is the magic day. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed and are not sure what else to have in mind? Here are 5 tips on applying to uni!

Why Data Science & Society matters

Why Societal Perspectives on Data Science matters More Than You Think

Date:16 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

Data is everywhere. Literally everywhere. Look around you and try to grasp all of it: What could you measure? For example, how does temperature affect your mood? How would you measure that? How many people are on the bus? How many messages have you sent...

Data Science & Society readings

What to read if you are curious about Data Science & Society?

Date:12 March 2022

One more week and spring is finally here! The sun has been out and we can finally say goodbye to winter temperatures, meaning it's the ideal time to visit the park, your backyard or any other sunny spot with the company of a good book. But what to read?...

Apply to uni

5 steps to confidently apply to uni

Date:07 March 2022
Author:Leslie Willis

If you are reading this right now, you are probably about to apply for a program at the University of Groningen, or more specifically, Campus Fryslân. Glad to see you here! I hope this little guide finds you at a good point in time and will help you...

Oskar Gstrein

Oskar Gstrein: Data Science is at the crossroads of where technological and societal capabilities meet.

Date:08 February 2022

If you want to get to know more about the Bachelor's programme Data Science and Society (DSS), the first person you would probably want to talk to is the programme director, Oskar Gstrein. Find out more about Oskar, how data contributes to society and...

Maya Nolles, Student Assistant of the BSc. Data Science and Society at Campus Fryslân

Maya Nolles: Your possibilities are endless!

Date:26 January 2022

If you had asked Maya three years ago if she would delve into Data Science and Society, she probably would have said it was "too much coding." But after discovering how broad the field is, she completely fell in love with this new Bsc. programme at Campus...