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5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun!

Date:30 December 2021
Author:Leslie Willis
5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun!
5 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Fun!

2021 is almost over and honestly? To me it still feels like last year was 2019. However, we actually are in the second year of the 21st century’s 20s - these are not really roaring, but that does not mean that there’s nothing to do! Have you given up on New Year’s Resolutions already? Well, here are five ideas for new year’s resolutions that are fun, totally doable and that do not require you to change your diet, join a gym or renovate your room.

1 Try Out Extraordinary Workouts

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The internet has everything. Even the most ridiculous home workouts. I collected a few of which you will hopefully find something suitable for training your muscles, and your patience of course, in the beginning of the new year. Why not check out this roll out of bed workout? No jumping and no equipment are required. You can literally roll out of bed and give it a go. A far better way to start your day – and your year – instead of looking at your phone if you ask me.

Another extraordinary and hilarious way to get moving is dancing to 80s aerobic compilations. It is hilarious. So, in case you don’t work out by moving along, you will definitely gain some muscle power by laughing. Maybe dress up as the guys and girls in the video and feel the 80s vibe while dancing in front of your screen. The best part of this as a resolution is that you can actually look forward to doing it. So don’t cheat and watch first on the 1 st of January 2022!

For those of you who fancy a more advanced type of training that is still extraordinary, I found something that you will surely enjoy. Have you ever heard of, or even tried to climb your table? Climbing your table is a real challenge and I must ask you to be cautious when attempting this quest in 2022. In case you live alone, tell your neighbor that they might have to call an ambulance when they hear you fall. If you don’t have a table big enough, maybe there is a chair in your reach? Yes, exactly, there is a chair challenge too. Average people have done it before and climbed through their chair. What are you waiting for?

2 Get Into Music

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Bobby Pin Hand Piano by

Apart from dieting and sports, I would recommend making music as a new year’s resolution for 2022. Literally, sit down, get yourself some random objects and build instruments! Of course you can also go for an instrument that already exists in your close environment.. or one that is lost and dusty on your own or your parent’s attic.

If you do not own an instrument yet, these DIY instruments will give you your time to shine in the new year. My personal favourite is the mini lid banjo. All you need is a lid, elastic bands and maybe some paint if you want it to look fancy. Or why not try the Bobby Pin Hand Piano? It is pretty close to a Kalimba, you can make it from things you find at home and you don’t even need any musical knowledge to build nor to play it. Great, huh?

 If you’d like to get into recording with your newly built instruments, then you are not more than one download (if at all) away from that. Try out AUDACITY, which is a free software, super easy to use and fun to mess around with. If you are the owner of a MAC then you already have garage band in your Applications. What are you waiting for? (Except for the new year to start of course.)

3 Take Meaningful Pictures 

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One resolution that we can all, one hundred per cent, fulfill, because we have the equipment is taking pictures with our phones. Sounds lame? It’s not. And you do not need a high tech super-expensive camera to take great pictures. If you got one for Christmas, then your resolution for the new year probably already is to become an awesome photographer. However, for those who didn’t: You can still be a great photographer, even with a smartphone. Check out these mobile photography ideas  that will take you to the next level in your photo career. There is more than just the selfie-angle and you will be amazed by how much potential simple items or nature have. Ready for 2022?

4 Food

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I’d recommend to make a list of foods you want to try instead of going for an insane diet that will make you sad instead of happy. Why not become a chef in the new year and impress yourself as well as your friends and family? And why not getting creative with your cooking? There are plenty of great food youtubers; one of them is definitely the channel Binging with Babish where Babish cooks meals from any series, show or movie you know. Harry Potter’s Butter Beer? Spongebob’s Krabby Patty? He has them all. So, here is my new year’s resolution suggestion: Cook one of Babish’s meals per week and watch yourself become great at cooking. Or start your own cooking YouTube channel, because why not? There are so many recipes yet to be composed and maybe you’ll invent your own new favourite pasta sauce, casserole or soup!

5 Start a Project

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Not convinced of any of the above? You can for sure start your very own project in 2022. Start little and keep it going. The hardest part in succeeding in something is not being great at it, but continuing doing it. You can be terrible at art, but if you do it a little bit every single day, you are more successful than somebody who can paint perfectly but never does it. What could such a project look like, then? I would suggest to indeed choose one little task and spend ten minutes on it every single day. Write a 4 word poem, paint an elephant, stretch, dance, write short stories – anything. But do it every single day, starting January 1 st 2022. Challenge yourself in keeping your thing going. Ten minutes. Every day. You’re in?

No matter what resolution you decide for, whether it is among the suggestions or something entirely different: I hope you will have a beautiful, joyful, mindful and great start into the new year. If a resolution works out, then I shall personally applaud you! You managed to plan something realistic and that is a great superpower!

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Leslie Willis
Leslie Willis

I am Leslie, 23 years old and currently studying the MSC Voice Technology at Campus Fryslan. Before I studied in Germany which also is where I am from. I’m a language enthusiast and I love music and coffee ..and ginger beer!