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4 apps/tips to get the most out of studying

Date:27 October 2021
Find 4 tips and apps to make studying a bit easier.
Find 4 tips and apps to make studying a bit easier.

Having no motivation to do your school work lately? If this happens too often you will probably end up feeling overwhelmed by all the things you still have to do. The topic of this blog may help to avoid that. Here are 4 apps and tips to keep studying enjoyable. 


Listening to the right music can be very benificial for your study performances, however, if you find yourself being destracted from your favorite playlist then you should probably switch to other music. We made a list with sounds that are specifically designed to help you during your late night study hours. 

Setting sounds

If you like the sound of people calmly talking like in a coffee shop then 'setting sounds' are perfect for you. Via YouTube you can find lots of videos that play the sounds of your favorite study places, for example in a coffee shop or Library. You can even search for sounds of a rooftop study room or just with some background noise.

Brain food

This Brain Food playlist on Spotify consists of ‘’hypnotic electric’’ music. The name of the playlist may sound scary at first, but it's definitely worth a try! This music is especially made to stimulate your brain. It will feed the brain, so to say. 

Totally stress free

Don't we all want to be stress free? Spotify made a playlist called 'Totally stress free' that includes me of the lightest and most upbeat songs to reduce your study stress. The songs are perfect for the background.


A lot of people probably know about duolingo already, but if you don’t you're are missing out on something. Duolingo is a free app that helps you learn languages such as Dutch, Japanese, French,Spanish and portuguese. First you learn the basics by speech and writing. If you make a lot of progress you can try harder levels. It is not only handy for studying but also if you go on a vacation and you want to learn the basics.  


Forest is an app that will let you set a time for when you want to be focused. While you are doing your work, the app grows a plant for you and it will grow until the end of your study session if you're not touching your phone. If you disturb your study session and take your phone the plant will die.


This app may not help you with studying but it does give the opportunity to treat yourself after a long day of working hard. Unidays is a discount app especially made for students. On this app you can find discounts on Apple, Levi’s,sports clothing, Camper days, Disney+ and a lot more. If you're a current student in higher education you can make use of this app free.  

Are you looking for planning tools specifically? Then we would recommend programmes like Evernote, Trello or Things. The apps/tips above will help to make studying more fun. Who doesn't want to grow plants in a cafe you're pretending to be in while learning a new language?