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11 Dutch sayings that are very funny when translated to English

Date:29 September 2021
Dutch sayings translated to English will definately make you laugh.
Dutch sayings translated to English will definately make you laugh.

Dutch sayings have been used for a very long time. When you grow up in the Netherlands it is a part of your education and how older you get the more you hear and use the sayings. The sayings are very funny but they are even more funny when they are translated to english, as they make even less sense. Enjoy our top 11 funniest translated Dutch sayings. 

1. Step out of bed with the wrong leg

‘’Met het verkeerde been uit bed stappen’’

This is a saying that is probably used the most and it is so annoying. The saying is used when someone is having a bad day and is a little bit moody and when you are moody you don't want someone saying this to you because your day may be as well a little bit worse.

2. Glue someone behind the wallpaper

‘’Iemand achter het behang plakken’’

When someone is really annoying and you don't want to deal with them right now you just say that you want to glue them behind the wallpaper (not directly to the face obviously haha). 

3. Pale fart


This one just sounds very funny when it is translated but is actually kind of insulting. This is a weird name for someone who is very pale and most of the time it is not said in a very positive way.

4. Afterwards it is easier to look a cow in the ass

 ‘’Achteraf kijk je een koe in zijn kont’’ 

This is also such a weird one when you translate the saying and don’t know what the meaning is.  

It is easy to talk afterwards, is what it means.

5. I didn’t eat any cheese of that

 ‘’Er geen kaas van hebben gegeten’’

You know the dutch love their cheese and obviously we had to add a saying with cheese in it. We use this when we come in a situation where someone asks you something to do and you  have no knowledge of it or simply don’t know how it works. 

6. To fall with your nose in the butter

‘’Met je neus in de boter vallen’’

When someone is very lucky in a specific situation, you say you fell with your nose in the butter. Because butter is soft and will prevent your fall from breaking your nose but how big is the chance that you will fall on butter?

7. A whistle of a cent

‘’Fluitje van een cent’’

This literally doesn’t make sense, also in Dutch it is a weird saying but the meaning is very easy. It means that something is very easy. ‘’What did you think of the assignment i gave you?’’ ‘’It was a whistle of a cent!’’.

8. To fall with the door in the house

‘’Met de deur in huis vallen’’

This one is also one of the most famous sayings in The Netherlands. Dutch people are most described as very direct people who say what they think and there are people saying that we have no filter. This is the perfect saying for the Dutch because it means that you get straight to the point. 

9. Now comes the monkey out of the sleeve

‘’De aap komt uit de mouw’’

If suddenly everything is clear or you see how someone really is (most of the time not in a good way), then it is the perfect time to say the monkey is out of the sleeve.

10. It sits like a mustache

‘’Het zit wel snor’’ 

It sits like a mustache sounds a little bit supid or not serious but it is actually a very nice saying. It means that everything is gonna be okay. It's good. It is reassuring. 

11. Like an angel peeing on you tongue

‘’Het is alsof er een engel op je tong piest’’

For the last one we end with a banger. Can you imagine an angel peeing on your tongue? No, so can’t we, but it sounds unpleasant and that's the funny part because it actually means that something tastes great, perfect, so good.