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10 Signs you know it’s autumn

Date:27 October 2020
Author:Sinead Walsh
It's autumn!
It's autumn!

Well, you only have to look outside right now to know it’s autumn. But aside from that, there are some obvious signs telling you it’s that time of the year again. Here’s my list - with GIFs! 

Do you have a signal to add? Leave it in the comments below!

1. The truck outside the Beurs suddenly changed from an ice-cream truck to an oliebollen truck. 

2. Every cafe you can think of had pumpkin spices latte flavour coffee.

3. People have cute pumpkins outside their homes.

4. Is the ground near you covered in chestnuts and acorns? They do call it “fall” for a reason… 

5. There is countless “pop-up” stores selling only pepernoten, the traditional Dutch cook-like biscuit that is usually given to children by Sinterklaas.

6. Leaves all around you start to change to beautiful red, yellow and orange colours.

7. Hearing the “crunch” of these leaves beneath your feet.

8. Pretty quickly you start to realise that one layer may not be enough anymore

9. That slight fear you feel when you go from the cold outside to the warm inside and your nose starts running - “I swear I don’t have Corona”

Let me just disinfect everywhere just in case 

10. You become low-key obsessed with pumpkins but then again… Halloween is coming!


About the author

Sinead Walsh
Hey there! My name is Sinead Walsh. I grew up in Ireland and I'm in the process of figuring out life as an international student in the Netherlands. Aside from an interest in politics and the environment, I am currently studying an MSc in Sustainable Entrepreneurship at Campus Fryslân. You'll see me around the campus almost daily so don't be afraid to come up for a chat any time!


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