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Welcome new students!

By starting your adventure at the University of Groningen, you are following in the footsteps of nearly 140.000 alumni that studied at the same institution over the past 400 years. The moment you graduate, you will become a part of our University of Groningen alumni community. On this page, you will be informed about UG developments in various ways and you can even contribute to the developments themselves! How? Check the links on this page and follow us on our social media channels. Let's stay connected!

Alumni Ambassadors Program

Katherine Arena

“Becoming an Alumni Ambassador gave me the opportunity to work with a talented team made up of fellow students, which has allowed me to experience the international setting of the UG environment under a new and exciting light. I have had the chance to discover new sides of the UG and Groningen as well as learning new skills thanks to the workshops that we have attended, which gave me an additional preparation for my career”. - Katherine Arena, Alumni Ambassador