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Aduarderkring Groningen: Alumni Dinner

When:Mo 09-07-2018 18:00 - 21:30
Where:De Allersmaborg, Allersmaweg 64 te Ezinge

Alumni circle Aduarderkring meeting

Located about twenty kilometers north of Groningen, surrounded by the picturesque landscape and situated along the beautiful Reitdiep, lies the medieval Allersmaborg. Once you enter the stone house that dates back to the 15th century via the passenger bridge, along the beautiful yard, and coach house you feel welcome to a whole new world away from the hectic daily life. The beautiful spacious area allows the visitor to recharge completely.

On July 9, almost 60 alumni from the University of Groningen (UG) met each other for an engaging programme at the Allersmaborg in Enzinge. Sibrand Poppema, Chairman of the Board of the UG, and once resident of the Allersmaborg welcomed the guests. Poppema shared his experience of living at the Allersmaborg together with his wife Joke, and spoke about the university’s recent development. During dinner, which was enjoyed in the different rooms of the Allersmaborg, some alumni shared their connection to the castle. One of our alumna for example used to pick berries there during her holidays. Some shared their stories and vividly spoke about the ‘good old times’ during their studies.

After dinner, emeritus professor of Art History Henk van Veen spoke about the rich history of the castle and its residents. You can also read the whole story about the Allersmaborg in his upcoming book. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 15th and even 14th century. Some scholars believe that the family Allersma lived there until 1682. After that period, it became a popular residence for well-to-do Groningers, such as De Meress van Swinderen. In the 1920s the castle was left unattended and was almost demolished. Luckily, the farmer Olfert de Boer took ownership and renovated the castle. After that, the artist couple Annie Vriezen and Martin Tissing moved into the there. The lecture about the history of the Allersmaborg was concluded with a tour around the stone house. Did you know that the UG took ownership of the Allersmaborg in 2005 for a period of 30 years?

The alumni meeting was an initiative of the Aduarderkring. Members of this chapter are alumni who live in the region of Groningen. They meet several times a year to connect with each other and support the UG’s research projects. For the first time we opened the meeting to alumni outside the chapter. Fortunately, many alumni came to discover the magical place.


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