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The Centre for Canadian Studies: in contact with Canada

The Centre for Canadian Studies of the University of Groningen was founded in 1988 and has been active in several domains. The Centre has started the minor program in Canadian studies where research is conducted on Canada and Canadian-Dutch relations, and exchanges are organized for Dutch and Canadian students and lecturers.

The Canadian embassy in the Netherlands believes strongly in the Centre and has therefore helped create a chair, sponsored by the Canada Trust Bank N.V. (nowadays TD Bank N.V.). The chair was initially held by prof.dr. Jaap Lintvelt, knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion. Dr. Jeanette ten Toonder currently holds the chair and directorship. She seeks extra support to connect involved researchers, students and lecturers through various events, including summer schools.

In 2009 the TD bank N.V. made a donation to the Ubbo Emmius Fund. With this donation the Canadian Study Centre has created a platform for students, that organizes events for all who are interested. This platform is the central means of communication.

TD Bank N.V. located in Amsteram is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian Based TD Bank Group.

TD Bank N.V. offers to a selective number of customers the possibility to open saving accounts. For more information, contact the Bank at 020-301 8421. General information about TD Bank Group can be found on the website

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