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Knowledge Center Landscape, the importance of the cultural landscape

In 2010 the University of Groningen started the Knowledge Center Landscape. The Center combines research, training and knowledge transfer in the field of the Dutch and European cultural landscape. The Center is headed by Prof. Theo Spek, professor of landscape history at the University. It focuses on the structure and history of the cultural landscape, but also on the present and future situation. Special attention is provided to the cultural landscape of the North of the Netherlands

The center has four goals:

1. Taking care of a high-grade scientific education in the field of Dutch and European cultural landscapes, with special attention to the cultural landscapes of the North of the Netherlands

2. The execution of innovative scientific research in the development and the origin of Dutch and European cultural landscapes

3. The execution of paid research assignments for governments and social bodies, concerning: spatial planning, landscape policy, heritage care, water management, agriculture, recreation, tourism, nature and landscape management (contract-research)

4. Sharing scientific knowledge about cultural landscape with inhabitants, governments, social bodies and educational institutes

The Knowledge Center Landscape is financially supported by the SNS REAAL Fund.

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