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Notarial Deed

Did you know that an annuity agreement or a notarial deed is the most advantageous way of supporting the Ubbo Emmius Foundation for a longer period of time? This is because this type of gift is fully tax-deductible. Depending on your income, the Tax Authorities contribute up to 52% of your gift.

Math example 1

Say the tax rate of your income is 42% and you currently donate 250 euro a year to the Ubbo Emmius Foundation. This donation does not exceed the limit of 1% and is therefore not deductible. However, if you secure your donation in a notarial deed, this amount does become tax-deductible. You may then raise your donation to 430 euro and get back 42% in tax rebate, i.e. 180 euro. Your net donation remains 250 euro, while the UEF is able to spend 430 eur on research and education. Your donation is higher, without it costing you more money.

Math example 2

Say the tax rate of your income is 52% and you now annually donate an amount of 250 euro to the Ubbo Emmius Foundation, but you do not make use of an annuity agreement. Over a period of five years, you pay 1250 euro.

With an annuity agreement, the situation becomes as follows: over a period of five years you pay 1250 euro gross. You get back 130 euro annually in tax rebate, i.e. 650 euro in total. In fact, you pay 600 euro.

We are happy to inform you of donation possibilities, attuned to your personal wishes. If you would like to receive information, please contact the secretary via

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