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Update Sarah Bomkapre Kamara, October 2014

1. What are you currently doing?
I am currently doing a PhD at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. I also work as a freelance journalist  and blogger.

2. How does your life look like these days? Could you describe a typical day for you? Are you married? Do you have children? Where do you live? etc.
It is busy and hectic but also fun. My day is filled with either working at the university library, doing stories, writing blog articles or teaching English.

3. What are your ambitions? Do you have a goal?
I would like to help build the media in Sierra Leone and train young journalists to help them contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.
My goal is to become a professor or a media trainer and owner of a Media Institution.

4. How did you experience your study program?
I felt very privileged to get the kind of training I got at the Journalism Department at the University of Groningen. It was tough but educative and productive.

5. What was your biggest learning moment? What impact had studying in Groningen on your professional and personal life?  What were the challenges and what did you learn from them?
I always enjoyed our practical journalism classes and also presentations during theory sessions. My time spent in Groningen impacted my professional life greatly. I learnt practical skills like shooting my own videos and editing them among other things.
There were many myself and other colleagues faced like adjusting to a new environment and learning new habits and lifestyles. During this time I learnt that adaptation and perseverance are core to succeeding in every situation and any environment.

6. What do you miss most about Groningen? And what do you remember most?
I miss going to the open market on the weekends and riding my bicycle - I learnt how to ride a bicycle in Groningen and I totally loved it. I also did miss the many encounters and parties with other students from other countries. I simply loved it!

7. What did you think of the way of life and the culture in the Netherlands? Did any habits you picked up here, stuck?
I think the Netherlands has a very good standard of living and the culture is rich. I love the fact that the country side is not so far from the cities. The landscape and water ways I think are beautiful.

8. What was it like returning back home (or leaving Groningen)?
I had  a great time in Groningen and still do miss the beautiful, small city with its lively student population.

9. Anything else?
I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to study made possible by the Eric Bluemink Fund which has led me to the path towards fulfilling my dreams.



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