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Update Francis Ssebiryo 2014

We ontvingen deze mail van Francis in december 2014.

Currently, I am working as a Measure and Evaluation Analyst, with JSI Research and Training Institute on a USAID funded project ‘SPRING’ in Uganda. . Where I maintain USAID- SPRING/Uganda M&E reporting systems for Partnership for HIV free survival (PHFS), develop concepts for studies and lead research studies by designing assessment methodologies and tools, perform statistical analysis for result dissemination and periodic reports. In addition to providing strategic leadership on knowledge generation and sharing.

I live a good life I must say, happily married with two children. Living 20km from Kampala capital city and Entebbe international Airport, I enjoy the beauty of nature (conducive atmosphere) and proximity to social amenities. Though I leave home early in the morning to beat traffic on my way to work, I am able to catch time in the evening to play along with the children. At work, making calls, writing mails (coordination) managing data and writing/ preparing presentation entails my routine activities.

My ambition is to lead a scientific career in demography/ population health and provided an opportunity, I want to lead scientific research assessing health disparities and survival along the life course- to answer question like how do population behaviors/ lifestyle affect health outcomes along the life course .

Undertaking my Master studies was empowering yet interesting- in other words adequately prepared me to embark significant professional work that create social impact. The tight class days were always accompanied with social interaction either with lecturers, or the vast networks of student within the university and cities. This made the studying interesting, inspiring through sharing experience from different people of different culture.

My biggest learning moment was during one of the many excursion we made with different institution within Netherland. This was at NIDI where the class had a study tour and we interacted with the director at NIDI and other staff sharing insight in application of population science. One of such impact from studying in Groningen is the urge to acclimatize to the way of life yet ensuring health lifestyle. Professionally, that people learn better by sharing to generate new ideas and one should continuously search for knowledge/ information.

I miss the easy of accessibility of everything (persons, places, food, entertainment, etc.) in the city and I remember most the indiscriminate biking through the city (professor, students, all ages and sexes biking).

The one year I had in Groningen has everlasting impact- provoking social interaction within my network is my one of habits.

I returned home nearly as a champion – everyone was awaiting to meet me congratulating me and ready to hear of the nice stories I have for them. The interesting bit was to label me as a person of international practice given the caliber of the university I attended.

Kind regards,

Francis Ssebiryo

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