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Update Chisha Keegan, October 2014

I hope that this email finds you well.

I am writing to give a brief writing to update you.

Currently, I am working as a lecturer/researcher at the University of Lusaka. I teach economics in the undergraduate programmes.
The general outlook and feel about my life are excellent. The majority of my time in university is spent preparing for lessons and delivering lectures, tutorials and supervising undergraduate research papers.
I am married to one lovely wife and we have two lovely children, a girl and a boy. My family and I live in Lusaka City. It is the capital city of Zambia and arguably the biggest and fastest growing city in Zambia.
My aspirations are to go to university abroad to study for a Ph.D in agricultural economics. This ambition is driven by clear lack of such skills visible even in higher institutions of learning. Furthermore, I intend to remain the best husband, father and friend the best way I know how. Since I have a choice to be happy, happiness is my definite choice.
My MSc Economics was challenging, but at the same time most fulfilling. At the beginning, coming from the traditional blackboard and chalk system of lecture delivery to online blackboard system of information sharing, it took me some time to come up to speed. However, once I caught up and appreciated the system, there was no stopping or slowing the progress I was making.
I miss Groningen, especially the coffee smell around the city, then the summer outings when everyone is outdoors in the streets, parks and lakes. So cool. The student parties. The vast ethnic groups that the city hosts and most of all, the many friends from all over the world I made while studying in Groningen.
I remember the Dutch as highly sophisticated people. The culture of welcoming, openness and frank talk to a large extent. Some habits clearly adopted are living within my means.
Leaving Groningen was an emotional time for me. The Groningen Alumni Song had just been released.... what can I say, I have great memories forever. Coming back home after a year was great; the feeling and sense of success. At the back of my mind was: mission accomplished. Most importantly I was looking forward to seeing my daughter who was born while I was away studying in Groningen.
It was such an invaluable, priceless opportunity.

Best regards,


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