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Additional Activities at the University of Groningen

The University of Groningen has made agreements with full professors and other staff about reporting additional activities. University staff are required by Article 1.14 of the CAO  to report their additional activities.

On behalf of the Dutch universities, the VSNU has drawn up a Sectoral Scheme covering ancillary activities. Additional or ancillary activities include financial interests or shares in a spin-off related to the University of Groningen.

All additional activities have to be reported, unless it is absolutely clear that there is no relation whatsoever with the work one does for the University (e.g. leader of a football team or musician). Before you engage yourself in additional activities, please take a moment to consider whether or not it interferes with your work for the University. And please remember that you need permission before you start your additional activities.

Employees can use the digital form to ask for permission.

Additional agreements have been made with the Minister of Education about the transparency of the additional activities of full professors. The result of these discussions is that the additional activities of full professors must appear on their individual profile pages. The professors are responsible for keeping the data on their profile page up to date.

The University of Groningen takes the transparency of additional activities extremely seriously and has sharpened up its monitoring activities in recent years. The accuracy of the details on the profile pages is checked regularly. In addition, additional activities is a permanent feature of the annual Results & Development Interviews.

Please contact  your HR advisor or the HR Information Desk for any questions you may have. tel +31 50 363 9191,

Last modified:05 July 2019 09.40 a.m.
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