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Northern Knowledge

-Working together for Arts and Sciences!
Annemieke Galema, Director of R&V
Annemieke Galema, Director of R&V

Research & Valorisation facilitates the entrepreneurial spirit of the University by cooperating with companies and researchers. Our aim is to combine the research priorities of the University with business and innovation.

We give advice about financial opportunities for public private partnerships and support researchers on business development and patent applications.

Examples over research projects can be found at research collaborations and our brochure about valorization. More information about our department can also be found in our Annual Report, or you can contact us at:

Visitors/postal address Zernikelaan 25
9747 AA Groningen
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Contact details
Tel. 050 363 5459

De department of Research & Valorisation aims to combine research with societal or economic challenges. This usually takes the form of public-private partnerships in which knowledge institutions and companies work together on a combined research topic. There are a lot of funding opportunities for public-private partnerships on a regional, national or global scale. We are experienced in using these opportunities as a basis for public private partnerships.

Research & Valorisation also helps ambitious and talented researches to apply for funding. This way the best ideas get the attention and the funding they deserve. At the same time, we keep on stimulating talent by making sure that research at the University of Groningen belongs to the top of its class. We therefore advice the Board of Directors about quality assurance and research strategy.

We have divided our department in three teams:

The Faculty Funding Officers are active on decentral level of the faculties.

Employees of R&V and their expertise

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Lise, W. +31 50 363 7873 mail Financial management
Van Oort, T. +31 50 363 1234 mail Student assistant, research policy

Arends, drs. G.J. (Geert Jan)+31 50 36 35458Senior consultant Research Funding
Bakker, drs. E.A. (Esme)+31 50 36 35422Development Cooperation. Project assistant
Brandt, dr. A. (Alicia), PhD+31 6 8152 1410Policy Advisor - Strategy Department Education & Research
Breukink, ir. J.J.W. (Joost)+31 50 36 35459Patent Attorney
Brustolin, dr. F. (Fiorella)+31 50 36 38497Regional Funding Officer
Eisema, M.H. (Maarten), MA+31 50 36 34576EU Liaison Officer
Finkers, ir. H.J. (René)+31 50 36 37485Projectmanager Energy and advisor for Rural and Regional Subsidys
Galema, dr. J.B.E. (Annemieke)+31 50 36 35565Director Research & Valorisation University of Groningen
Ganzeveld, dr. ir. K.J. (Ineke)+31 50 36 35365Director Research Strategy Department for Education & Research
Gennip-Corbier, S.T. (Saskia) van+31 50 36 34508Secretary Dean of Industry Relations
Haarbrink, E.J. (Erik)+31 50 36 37054Project Manager, Coordinator International Cooperation
Hoekstra, drs. M.E. (Ellen)+31 50 36 35459Executive secretary
Jacobs, R.C.+31 50 36 34454
Kampen, drs. P.R. (Peter) van+31 50 36 34362Deputy director UGNWG
Koopmans, dr. M. (Marjan)+31 50 36 37437Senior Advisor Strategy Department for Education & Research
Kroodsma, drs. A.E. (Anneke)+31 6 1556 4932Secretary Groningen Graduate Schools
Linssen, dr. A.B.M. (Ton)+31 50 36 38442Patent information specialist
Middelberg, J.+31 50 36 39678
Miedema, drs. N.T. (Neeltje)+31 6 8152 1285EU Consultant on research policy, funding and innovation
Ocana Noriega, G., PhD+31 50 36 35079Senior Advisor EU funding/affairs
Otten, R.M. (Robert), MSc+31 50 36 38910Finance officer development cooperation, support European grants
Petrusma, dr. J.M. (Mirjan)+31 50 36 37951Patent Information Specialist
Prent, drs. C.S.W.+31 50 36 35459
Ranitovic, A. (Ana), PhD+31 6 1859 8340Research Analytics Policy Officer
Rooij, dr. J.M. (Jules) van+31 6 8152 0257Senior Advisor Research Policy and Institutional Research, Co-ordinator Research Assessment
Schuster-Koster, dr. A. (Anke)+31 6 2829 1445Policy advisor for research
Smit, drs. F.R.H. (Franck)+31 50 36 35459senior adviser and project manager at Northern Knowledge
Smit, drs. ing. T. (Theo)+31 6 5175 0867Coördinator Industry Relations
Toxopeus, A. (Anneke)+31 50 36 32629Assistant Patent Manager
Vermeer, R.+31 50 36 35459
Vos-Scheperkeuter, dr. G.H. (Greetje)+31 50 36 37441Patent manager - Northern Knowledge
Weissert, dr. P.M.+31 50 36 35459
Wijbenga, drs. F.H.+31 50 36 35002
Wilts, K. (Klaas)+31 50 36 35313Student Assistant Strategy Department of Education & Research; Administration and Management Office of the Board ; HR-Experts
Zijlstra, drs. W. (Wiebe)+31 50 36 35362Development Cooperation. Project management
Team R&V
Team R&V
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