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Beach flag, vertical flags and horizontal flags

  • beach flags
  • vertical flags
  • horizontal flags
  • table flags

To increase its visibility at national and international conferences and seminars or at University locations, the University has had beach flags, vertical flags and other types of flag designed.

Beach flag

The beach flag can be used at information fairs and the like. There is a version with an image and one without. There are various designs to choose from, with and without internet addresses or the text ‘founded in 1614’. Some designs even have room for extra text.

Vertical flag

A vertical flag is often taken to fairs abroad. It is an excellent presentation tool that is easy to transport because it is lightweight. There is room on a vertical flag for extra text.

Horizontal flag

There is a red flag with a white logo and a white flag with a red logo. Both are available with English or Dutch versions of the logo.

examples of: beach flag, horizontal flag and vertical flag
examples of: beach flag, horizontal flag and vertical flag

Table flag

Example of table flag
Example of table flag

The table flag is a smaller version of the horizontal flag and can be used at meetings or conferences.

What is available where?

Horizontal flags and table flag are available from the University Shop.

There are design instructions available for the beach flag and vertical flag.

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