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The Board of YoungRUG meets the Board of the University

27 June 2023
The Board of YoungRUG with the Board of the University
The Board of YoungRUG with the Board of the University

Last Monday, 26 June, we had a lunch meeting with the Board of the University - Jouke de Vries, Hans Biemans and Cisca Wijmenga. We discussed YoungRUG's vision and plans for the next five years. We had a fruitful conversation and we're thrilled about YoungRUG's future prospects.

Future vision of YoungRUG

Our vision has recently been revised and is now as follows:

"By 2029, YoungRUG is a more established network within the UG and we are the knowledge platform for young professionals. We act as an advisory and sparring partner to upper management on topics related to attracting and retaining young professionals. YoungRUG provides insight into possibilities and career paths within the UG that young professional can take. Through our dynamic events, we provide a stimulating environment for networking and personal and professional development. YoungRUG is a community where young professionals come together and can learn from each other."

Based on this vision, we have recently set new core goals that we will pursue over the next five years. These core objectives focus on the following themes:

  1. Acting as a strategic sparring partner for the management
  2. Increasing YoungRUG's involvement in the onboarding process
  3. Contributing to Recognition and Rewards for professional staff
  4. Contributing to creating a clearer career path for young professionals
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