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Language Buddy Programme speed date event

When:Th 25-01-2024
Where:Canteen Academy Building

Learning Dutch is a good way to expand your network within the university, improve your career perspectives and make worthwhile connections. That’s why YoungRUG is organizing the Language Buddy Programme pilot!

How does the Language Buddy Programme work?

  1. During this speed-date event, international professional staff members will have the opportunity to meet three potential language buddies with whom they can practice their Dutch. After this, both parties will submit their preferences, and they will be paired up by YoungRUG. Please be aware that this is not a tandem programme; the focus is solely on practicing Dutch, not any other languages.
  2. Both the Dutch language buddy and language learner should be below the age of 36.
  3. The international professional staff member should already have some knowledge of the Dutch language; enough to be able to have a basic conversation in that language. A level of B1 is therefore required.
  4. In general, meetings between the buddies are twice a month, with a minimum requirement of once a month.
  5. The meetings take place at the buddy's venue of choice. Meeting in person is advised.
  6. The length of the meetings is, at the bare minimum, 30 minutes.
  7. Dutch buddies will also attend a training on Intercultural Competences, on 16 January (in the morning).
  8. Please be aware that the Dutch buddy is a language partner, not someone to provide organizational support for new staff members.

Please note: as this is a pilot project, we are still working out some of the kinks. There is therefore a possibility that you unfortunately will not be paired with a buddy. We apologize for the inconvenience beforehand.

The deadline for registering is 15 November.